T-Tok also relies on "Double 11" to win Southeast Asia?

11-29 2022

After more than a decade of development, "Double 11" has long been more than just a domestic e-commerce shopping event, in Southeast Asia, where e-commerce has exploded in recent years, it is also living a Double 11 shopping carnival.

In the past Southeast Asian Double 11, Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Shopee released a Double 11 "magical" advertising campaign starring Jackie Chan, and another Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Lazada also launched an advertising campaign starring South Korean boy group Seventeen, and A-list idols danced while singing slogans such as "free shipping, lowest price".

However, compared with these platforms that have been deeply engaged in the Southeast Asian market for many years, the biggest "catfish" that stirred up the Southeast Asian Singles' Day event this year is T-Tok, and after repeated trials in the past two years, T-Tok used T-Tok, which was officially launched in Indonesia this year Shop Shopping Center embarks on a three-month large-scale e-commerce event known as the "Mega Sales Season".

For T-Tok, which is struggling to get rid of advertising dependence, Double 11 has become a key node for its e-commerce business to take off.

First, the emerging position: the mall under the algorithm

Although TechCrunch reported in July that T-Tok was testing the Shop section, screenshots from the beta version at the time showed that its Shop was located in the main Home menu with following and for at the top of the screen You are tied; In the current version, the level of Shop has been further improved, replacing the friends in the previous main menu.

  T-Tok The Shop Mall is a very high priority, as can be seen from the very prominent entrance to this feature. Now, T-Tok Indonesian users open the app and find that the four tabs at the bottom of the homepage are Home, Shop, Inbox, and Me.

This setting gives Indonesian users a more direct T-Tok Shop entrance, that is, in addition to short videos or shopping live broadcasts, T-Tok is ready to start allowing Southeast Asian users to put T-Tok Shop is used as a regular shopping platform, not a simple short video platform.

This approach is almost the same as Meta's previous Instagram redesign of the core tab entry at the bottom of the homepage, adding a shopping entry to the inch-inch hashtag to achieve higher conversion rates.

However, because Meta does not have its own e-commerce platform, this entrance is actually more for its advertising business services, but T-Tok's move is obviously different, and the core appeal is actually more to let a large number of shopping demand on T-Tok gather on the centralized e-commerce platform, so as to directly form a coherent consumption behavior.

T-Tok itself introduced a new concept for this feature, calling it Shoppertainment (Shopping & Entertainment), brands and businesses can increase their brand and product awareness by offering entertainment to their audiences (Entertainment Services First) and then inviting them to shop in their stores (E-commerce Services Second).

According to T-Tok-Material research, 61% of T-Tok users have made purchases on the platform, 56% have already used the platform to find new products or brands, and nearly half are open to shopping through T-Tok in the coming months.

T-Tok Shop, which is currently quite open, allows any possible interaction between merchants and users to get information and reviews of desired products and products.

"With Shoppertainment, we hope to be in T-Tok Shop Mall creates an impressive shopping experience for users. Not only can they browse the various products of the existing merchants, but they can also get some entertainment by watching the sellers' broadcasts and live streaming their events," said Indonesia T-Tok The head of Shop said.

And T-Tok, which started with algorithms, has also been emphasizing its T-Tok Shop Mall's personalized shopping experience, algorithms work according to the user's habits and interests, making it as easy as possible to find the most suitable price products. These advantages have become one of the reasons why some merchants' products can become popular in a short period of time.

At the same time, the T-Tok Shop store currently offers a number of promotions, such as First Order Offer and Flash Discount Sale), the promotional content not only enriches the Shop mall page, but also helps merchants promote sales conversion, bringing benefits to users.

It can be said that the effect of some T-Tok Shop mall is actually verified in advance through the 10.10 large-scale promotion last month, according to the data given by the official T-Tok, users are in T-Tok GMV contributed by Shop increased by more than 148%, including 17.7% in the T-Tok Shop store, which is still in some tests.

In fact, just as "Double 11" itself is a shopping carnival created by Taobao out of thin air, T-Tok's expansion in the field of e-commerce in Southeast Asia has also been accompanied by various "artificial" shopping festivals continuously launched with the influence of the platform, with continuous platform subsidies and massive marketing experience accumulated from China. The core of personally cultivating the habit of super-large shopping carnival for Southeast Asian merchants and consumers is to hope that these efforts will eventually make them a bloody road in this potential market.

Second, behind the mass production of festivals, cultivating user consumption inertia is the key

In recent years, Southeast Asia's e-commerce sales have grown exponentially, and the growth rate is also the highest in the world. According to a report by eMarketer, e-commerce sales in the region will reach $89.67 billion in 2022, an increase of 140% from the pre-pandemic period in 2019.

Various large-scale shopping festivals have gradually become the key to the high growth of e-commerce sales in Southeast Asia, especially the various super large-scale e-commerce events that last from summer to the end of the year.

According to T-Tok's official account, consumers are not tired of "Mega Sales Season", which is ninety percent of the platform, despite the many sales windows vying for the attention of Southeast Asian shoppers T-Tok users all say they look forward to various shopping festivals every year, which means "Mega Sales." "Season" represents a major opportunity for brands to grow sales based on accumulated consumer demand.

For the Southeast Asian market, both the development of the Internet and consumerism are relatively late, so whether it is the traditional "Black Friday" in the European and American markets or Double 11 native to China, it is also imported for Southeast Asian consumers, and the biggest difference is only how to use these major time nodes as a platform itself.

In fact, in addition to Double 11, T-Tok Shop has launched the so-called "even" promotional festival in Southeast Asia since July this year (9.9 promotion, 10.10 Big Promotion...), which can almost be seen as a drill and warm-up for the year-end Double 11 and Black Friday.

These include a week-long "8.8 sale" in Singapore, a 12-day "Sama sale" in Malaysia, and "9.9 Super Shopping Day" in several countries, which according to Caixin International helped T-Tok Shop's single-day GMV quadrupled.

Also according to T-Tok Shop's official account disclosed that compared with the average daily results in the 7 days before the promotion date, during the 9.9 promotion period, the order volume of the five Southeast Asian countries participating in the promotion increased by 128%, and the total GMV increased by 156%.

Scarlett Whitening and Dunia Fashion88, as part of T-Tok Shop Shopping Center T-Tok merchants of the 10.10 promotion share their strategies for success. Between October 3 and 10, 2022, Scarlett Whitening managed to increase its GMV by 221.3%, with 10.3% coming from the contribution of the T-Tok Shop mall.

For Dunia Fashion88, which sells imported women's shoes, T-Tok Shop has gradually become an online shopping platform that best understands the needs of the younger generation. Dunia Fashion88 also said that T-Tok Shop Indonesia is committed to supporting brands and merchants, especially local brands, to help them expand their market reach and make them more attractive to potential customers.

To reach the young target audience of T-Tok Shop, Dunia Fashion88 produces and publishes 1 to 2 short videos per day, and also adds flash sales to her live streaming events. During the October sale, Dunia Fashion88's content has received more than 5 million views in the T-Tok Shop mall, and GMV has increased by 26.3%, T-Tok Shop Mall contributed 34.4% to its store sales.

At the same time, as a platform, T-Tok is also directly subsidizing large-scale promotions such as Double 11 as much as possible. Like in Indonesia, T-Tok The Shop Mall provides a special promotional subsidy activity for users who pay attention to the 3C product category. Coupons for free shipping are included, and users also have the opportunity to participate in smartphone specials.

Although the current T-Tok Double 11 event has only been over for two days, the official has not even had time to announce the corresponding sales data before it has begun to warm up the next big promotion activity.

November 21, T-Tok Shop is about to launch its Black Five promotion activities, and will link resources from the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines to carry out joint cross-border promotions. Among them, November 25 is Black Friday, November 28 is Cyber Monday, followed by December's Double 12 and Christmas season events.

For T-Tok, the e-commerce business will undoubtedly be the focus of its business investment in the next year or two, and at a time when the growth rate of active users has slowed significantly and recession expectations are shrouded, it will also face the menacing Meta and YouTube attacks. T-Tok urgently needs to find a source of hematopoiesis other than advertising, and in the case of increasingly high costs of burning money, both the capital market and ByteDance itself are obviously beginning to care more about the independent viability of a platform.

That's why T-Tok tries to create a "Double Eleven" every month, where time is money.

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