T-Tok advertising, T-Tok display form

11-30 2022

At present, T-Tok is very popular, many businesses have begun to do marketing on the platform, of course, inseparable from the delivery, there are many ways to place T-Tok advertising, everyone chooses differently, and the effect of each way is naturally different. So how many forms of T-Tok ads are there? T-Tok advertising tips are detailed for everyone, let's take a look together.

What are the options for T-Tok ads?

1. Brand Takeover Open Ads

Support 3-5 seconds of silent video or image display, support internal and external landing page conversion.


When the audience opens the D sound, they can see this advertisement at first glance, bringing visual impact and instantly attracting the audience's attention, because it appears at the beginning and does not make the audience feel bored. In this advertising mode, you can choose images or videos as materials, and brands can present in diversity. It can help brands get clicks from audiences, directly to the internal official screen, or to the external web page, which helps brand exposure.

2, TopView super

first D Yin's original video advertising format (5-60 seconds), more eye-catching and attractive, and more effective, D Yin official said for the consumer goods industry (CPG), This ad can increase sales by 67%.


: 18px;"> 3. In-feedads in-feed ads

Ads placed on ForYou Page can create their own content through the T-Tok ad management interface.

can be divided into:

Account Account: Drive user interaction with your business account.

drainage Diversion: Provides multiple clickable elements to increase conversions.


Autoplay full-screen video ads can effectively communicate brand values. The official D voice provides a variety of creative components to enhance the audience's interactivity through creativity. It can increase brand exposure, choose to buy (contract/self-service) also provide auction purchase, adjust marketing expenses at any time, reach different customer groups, and improve website traffic conversion.

4. Branded Hashtag Challenge

Can cause more people to challenge (duration 3-6 days), D tone official expression for the consumer goods industry (CPG) Can bring twice the engagement rate, with more than half of brands using this ad ROAS over $5.


dedicated referral links can effectively increase brand exposure. Brands can deeply create brand content and effectively highlight the core value of the brand. Advertising has a high sense of engagement, promotes and builds favorability and brand recognition with the audience. Custom branded stickers, exclusive branded music matches, and various optimization features are available. Provide different interactive gameplay to meet the marketing goals of different brands.

Why choose to advertise on the T-Tok platform?

1, the first is the crowd advantage, T-Tok users abroad are still numerous, and widely distributed in different countries, can bring rich traffic to conversion, it should be noted that advertisers need to filter users according to product characteristics and audience;

2. The rest is about the advantages of the T-Tok platform.

a. In T-Tok, there are multiple bidding modes of CPC, CPM and OCPC to choose from, which can improve the cost performance of advertising to a certain extent through intelligent optimization bidding, thereby helping advertisers effectively save costs;

In addition, the platform also has a variety of advertising creative templates, free music libraries, etc., to provide advertisers with convenient advertising creation methods, and can also optimize advertising copy, etc., to provide advertising efficiency.

How are T-Tok ads optimized?

  1. Target audience: With T-Tok, you can find exactly who your ads are looking for. These audiences can target multiple dimensions, including gender, age, interests, geography, and more. If manually targeting your target audience is difficult for you and takes time to test, you can try to reach a broad audience and let T-Tok's intelligent system find an audience that is interested in your product.

Another way to optimize targeting is to create Lookalike Audiences for your high-value customers. This means that T-Tok will find audiences that are similar to your current customers, increasing the chances of the audience engaging with or converting with your ad.

  2. Account structure: Sometimes, when targeting multiple audiences for a campaign, it's easy to end up using overlapping target audience conditions. This means that you may show your ad multiple times to audiences that aren't relevant or interested in your campaign. That's why you need to combine audiences that overlap and are similar in value.

  3. Optimisation events: Brand advertisers should optimise their campaign reach or video views based on their advertising goals, while performance advertisers should adjust their strategy to drive at least 50 conversions per week. Once this milestone is reached, you can re-evaluate and set higher goals, which can be executed with the help of Tikadpro, which can develop different advertising strategies, run different monitoring strategies for different advertisers and different ads, and help your targeting strategy more in line with your ideas.

  4. Creative assets: On a thriving platform like T-Tok, creativity is your best partner. When creating campaigns, make sure that you have five to six local assets for each ad group. By running multiple creatives, you can keep your campaign updated and prevent your audience from getting bored.

  5. Bids and budgets: If you want conversions, you should set your daily budget at around 50 conversions per week. As a baseline, you can initially set your campaign's typical cost-per-action (CPA) to 1.2x-1.5x and optimize bids from there. Consider testing the ratio of standard bids to highest conversion bids. Of course, if it seems esoteric, then it is recommended that you use the Tikadpro data automation ad optimization platform. Through Tikadpro, we can timely and effectively increase the budget of advertising, suspend advertising, copy advertising and other behaviors, so that good ads can maintain the state and bad ads can stop losses in time.

What to pay attention to when running T-Tok ads 1. When our T-Tok advertisements are placed in Japan, the content of the advertisement video must comply with various laws and regulations applicable in Japan, such as the Japanese Copyright Law, the Constitution of Japan, and various advertising regulations. Ads targeting India, Taiwan, etc. are subject to local laws. And our advertising should also comply with the advertising policies formulated by the company (here the company refers to ByteDance).

2.T-Tok advertising video content must not use information that misleads consumers and must not use false expressions. The advertisement's promotional content or links must be well-founded and correct video content;

3.T-Tok attaches great importance to user experience, so our advertising video content needs to pay great attention to the user's advertising experience, we also need to ensure that the ad/link meets the correct values in advertising, and also need to review the tonality of the promotion product of T-Tok advertising!

The above is the relevant content of T-Tok advertising in several display forms, if you want to have better development on T-Tok, you need to master the relevant rules of platform delivery, so that you will be more clear about your future operation account, do you like the above delivery methods? Each delivery will have certain advantages, and you can choose according to your needs.

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