Overseas T-Tok ads can't be run or not spent?

11-30 2022

Have you ever encountered the problem that overseas T-Tok ads cannot run after each step is executed correctly? Don't worry, this is a typical case for many advertisers, even if they are interested in T-Tok So familiar. So why does this problem keep happening? What can we do to fix it? In general, there are 4 main criteria that lead to the problem of overseas T-Tok ads not running or not spending

: account evaluation

advertising budget

activity settings


Let's dive into the details and figure out how to solve these problems.

Why aren't your T-Tok ads running or spending?

1. Account evaluation

Before your account is released, T-Tok will review it to ensure compliance with advertising policies. So, what will happen during this time?

Status Meaning

Under review Ad accounts are being reviewed after information is created or edited.

Not approved The ad account failed the review process.

Account ban The ad account was disabled for violating advertising policies.

– Account evaluation status

Account review can take up to 24 hours. Events and ads will not run during this time. Ads will also be paused in the moderation queue. If the ad is new or part of the ad has changed, it must be approved.

What you should do:

Your account is under review and you can't create a campaign at this time. Therefore, advertisers should wait until it passes T-Tok's evaluation before adding ad creative.

If your account is rejected, T-Tok You'll be shown what criteria you're missing or violating to get approved. However, there is only one solution for penalized accounts: create a new account and avoid violating advertising policies.

2. Advertising budget

– currency mismatch if you're running T-Tok Ad and don't see the expected results, probably because your currency doesn't match the target country. For example, if you advertise in German, the price of your product must be in Euros, while the Japanese yen should be for the Japanese region.

What you should do:

In this case, make sure that the currency in your ad account is set correctly. You can do this by going to the "Currency" section in your ad settings.

Change it to the currency of the country you are targeting. If you set it to something else, save your modifications.

However, we recommend that you target an ad for a specific location in Ads Manager, or use your T-Tok proxy account to target multiple regions.

– over budget or insufficient ad group

This is a common problem encountered by many T-Tok advertisers. Event prices on T-Tok start at $50 and ad sets start at $20 Dollar. This minimum allows you to see results and ensure the effectiveness of your advertising. Therefore, if your budget is less than $50, your T-Tok ads will not run.

What you should do:

Ad Manager operates in Pacific Time (PT), so keep that in mind when changing your daily budget.

If you want to reduce your daily budget after spending on the day, you must do so after 00:00 Pacific Time or before spending it completely.

We recommend leaving extra room for the algorithm to "learn" and find the ideal customer for your ad. So, if your estimated bid for an add-to-cart conversion is $20, your budget should be at least that amount 10 times. This way, the algorithm will have enough money to find and target the right leads.

3. Activity settings

– out of schedule

>  Once an ad is scheduled, it will have a red dot next to it to indicate "Out of schedule" until the ad is approved and used.

So if you schedule them for midnight, they will turn green and start spending your budget. Or, if you schedule ads to start immediately, they will be "out of schedule" until approved.

What you should do:

It is more beneficial for you to wait patiently for the approval status and scheduled time. Of course, T-Tok will take the time to evaluate your videos. So you need to set the time 2-3 hours in advance.

– incorrect positioning overlapping positioning

Using too many targeting criteria can affect the T-Tok ad distribution algorithm. This will make it difficult for T-Tok to target your ads to the right audience. Hence your T-Tok Ads will not run.

What you should do:

Select the criteria and characteristics of the target ad group. Avoid choosing features that are too specific, or you'll make the mistake of targeting too deeply.

too targeted

Too deep positioning is also a problem. T-Tok will narrow the pool of people who visit your ads. So, if your ads target too specific user groups, you'll result in low visibility, low engagement, and low spend.

What you should do:

Expand your target audience to include leads or Lookalike Audiences in Ad Manager settings.

the target is too large

This problem is the opposite of depth aiming. Deep targeting does not apply to this issue. T-Tok Eventually, your ad will be shown to everyone, including those who have never used the product or service you're advertising. People who find your ad objectionable may also report you, affecting ad delivery.

What you should do:

Re-optimize your target customers. You should combine information like gender, age, interests, and topics that they often look at on T-Tok. However, select only some of the most specific characteristics of your target audience to avoid overlapping issues. Then, let The T-Tok algorithm comes into play to optimize the audience accordingly.

4. Creative

– inappropriate content two most common problems many advertisers can make in advertising content on T-Tok: reposting content from other platforms or using outdated content to advertise.

These types of content tend not to engage users because of T-Tok 's distribution algorithm focuses on the user experience. If a video isn't optimized for T-Tok's standard format or conveys unhelpful content, it's understandable that ads can't reach users or cost nothing.

What you should do:

Ads on T-Tok are all about embracing community spontaneity, creativity, and fun. Therefore, it is often recommended to come up with 3 themes to create ads suitable for the T-Tok platform


adapt to UGC (user-generated content) to create ads that are relevant to the audience.

Include KOLs, KOCs, and influencers in your ads to attract users.

Keep up with trends, including soundtracks, filters, or hashtags.

– Incorrect ad size Encountering incorrect ad sizes can lead to a variety of issues that may affect assessments, such as:

Low-resolution or blurry video/image.

overlay video/image with title or T-Tok logo.

The text in the video is incomplete.

What you should do: Keep in mind that T-Tok videos have dimensions of 1080×1920 and must follow the aspect ratio:

vertical (9:16).

square (1:1) horizontal (16:9)


you want to use a background, avoid using black or white.

Using an overseas T-Tok agency account is the best solution!

D tone treats agent accounts differently and personal accounts. Every personal account ad tends to have a longer approval time, a higher chance of being suspended, or missing advertising features.

In addition to optimizing your campaigns and accessing a full suite of ad formats, use T-Tok Agency Accounts also solve all problems while targeting audiences and reducing competitive budgets compared to personal accounts.

It's best to start with a T-Tok agency account to avoid issues related to ads not serving or spending. However, such accounts are only available to T-Tok Partners. You can do it by contacting their service.

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