Reasons for T-Tok video 0 playback and how to avoid it

12-02 2022

There are actually many reasons for 0 broadcasting, and only by eliminating all difficulties can we create a high-quality account.

Let's find out almost all the reasons that affect video 0 broadcasting.

(1) Data latency

problem 1. Sometimes zero playback will be displayed on the home page, at this time you can click on this video, select the three dots on the right, click Data Analysis in the lower left corner, See what's happening in real time of your video.

2. Videos from new accounts may take several hours or even the next day before being recommended by the platform.

In short, one or two or even several videos 0 play, do not explain the problem, continue to send it, if you send 20 or 0 playback, it is recommended that you give up this number, or quit this number, and log in again in 1 month to see if you can regain the recommendation.

(2) Hardware environment problems

As I said, T-Tok's video is nothing more than IP content composed of three categories: device All three types of composition are indispensable, so hardware equipment is also essential.

Many e-commerce partners think that the problem of equipment is the simplest, and you can publish videos by setting a few Apple phones as foreign VPNs.

1. Phone model problem

Some models below Apple6 and Android 6.0 will appear 0 playback.

It's not that the Apple 6 is problematic, and it doesn't do AB testing, just that it's a possibility. In the long run, the newer the device, the weaker the seal, and the more recent mobile phone models are available if possible.

Solution: The probability of such problems is small, if you practice s several times, the account operated is still abnormal, then you need to consider the version of the mobile phone model.

2. Not bk causes the message to be officially recognized by T-Tok

This is the most error-prone link for sellers, and there are often many careless sellers who forget bk after preparing everything. This leads to the loss of previous achievements.

Solution: If it is officially recognized by T-Tok, it is recommended that the bk post-sj start over.

(iii) Network environment problems

Encountering the phenomenon of 0 playback, the network environment problem is one of the main aspects!

First of all, we need to find a stable TZ, capable can D themselves; After d, be sure to check your mobile phone HJ, whether it meets more than 90% of the requirements, of course, 100% is the best!

So how do you know if there is something wrong with your network environment?

We can find a video on T-Tok, click the three dots on the right side of the video, select Duet co-production, if the co-production has playback, then the network environment is basically fine, which requires optimizing your own video content!

If the co-production is also 0 broadcast, then okay, then you need to check the environmental issues!

(4) Account weight problem

There are many people who just registered an account and went to post videos, and the videos they sent were all 0 playback! This is because the newly registered account information is not perfect or the operation is abnormal, which can easily cause the system to determine that it is not a real person operation. As the saying goes: if you want to be fast, you can't reach it, we still need to take it step by step slowly.

Solution: (1) Improve the basic information (2) Keep the normal activity of

the account spend at least 0.5-1h a day brushing foryou videos, you can also do likes, comment interactions, etc., nothing to see hot topic challenges and the like. By searching for keywords-related users, follow the accounts of about 10 peers and read their works.

(3) Publish video at a fixed time

  The release time is generally selected at 11-12 o'clock in the virtual area time or 19-21 o'clock in the evening (before operating the account, you need to make a positioning layout, the more vertical the content, the easier the account is to operate, and it is more conducive to future monetization. )

(5) Video content problems

1. Content duplication video content is recognized by the system as secondary creation, too much secondary creation will be officially recognized by T-Tok, will push you an official rating information, once you receive this rating message is equivalent to announcing cool, no matter what video the account publishes, the traffic will not break 100, this situation can only abandon the account.

2. Music violation

Foreign copyright awareness is very strong, if you publish video music without copyright, it will be hidden or directly cannot be sent.

Solution: Directly clear the original music of the material or mute the sound when publishing, and replace it with the music in the T-Tok music library.

3. Over-marketing, off-site drainage

Videos that are over-marketed and drained will be restricted by the platform as "spam", which will affect the account itself in the long run.

Solution: Stop publishing content that is ad-specific, or clip out the ad directly.

4. Content gore violation

Generally, such videos will be deleted or throttled.

Note: If the video data is not good, do not delete it, because frequent deletion of videos is considered abnormal by the platform, affecting the weight of the account or even banning, you can choose to set the video to be visible only to yourself.

5. Copywriting problem

seemingly inconspicuous parts often play a pivotal role in the whole process, just imagine, when you swipe a video you like, what is the first thing to watch? That's right, it's its copywriting. And T-Tok video has 0 broadcast phenomenon, copywriting also accounts for part of the factor, it is very likely that your video copywriting involves some sensitive words, resulting in the video being judged to be illegal and deleted!

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