T-Tok explosive category operation skills

12-05 2022

According to Sensor Tower store intelligence data, in August 2022, D tone and overseas version of T-Tok were available on the App Store and Google Play around the world It attracted more than $306 million, 1.8 times the same period last year, and topped the global mobile app (non-game) revenue list.

Of this, about 47.2% of the revenue comes from the Chinese version of D tone; The U.S. market ranked second, contributing 16.5% of revenue; The Japanese market ranked third with 4.2%.

In the face of such a large traffic opportunity, how cross-border sellers can pass T-Tok To gain insight into new opportunities in overseas markets, how to quickly approach consumers in overseas markets, listen to their needs, and develop potential explosive products? This article uses T-Tok's big data insights to deeply analyze T-Tok The three popular categories: fashion, beauty and home furnishing provide cross-border sellers with reference significance for promoting T-Tok.

Fashion category

From the perspective of T-Tok overall platform users, 40% of T-Tok users are interested in fashion topics. Among them, fashion audiences also spend 44% more time in apps per day than overall users.

In addition, T-Tok users are more accustomed to discovering new goodies through social media ads, with 52% of users having purchased good things online in the past week, according to T-Tok data.

Refine it to the level of fashion users on T-Tok.

In terms of gender, the ratio of male to female users in T-Tok fashion category is 35%:65%, and female users are nearly twice as many as male users.

In terms of age, fashion users aged 18-24 are the largest group, accounting for 37%. Users aged 25-34 years followed, up to 29%。 Overall, T-Tok fashion users are younger, with nearly 70% of users under the age of 44.

What topics are T-Tok fashion users focusing on? What type of video to follow?

According to data released by T-Tok, under the hashtag topic related to fashion content, the video related to the word #Fashion has reached 81.7 billion views, followed by those with it Videos with words such as #style and #ootd have also reached 20 billion+ views.

Operation suggestion:

If you want to reach more users with the help of system push, you can attach some popular tags on T-Tok to "rub traffic" in the early stage.

beauty category

Refine it to the level of beauty users on T-Tok.

In terms of gender, the ratio of male to female users in T-Tok beauty category is 24%:76%, and among beauty users, female users account for nearly 3 times that of male users.

In terms of age, beauty users aged 18-24 are the largest group, accounting for 35%. Users aged 25-34 years followed, up to 30%。 T-Tok beauty users are younger, with nearly 85% of users under the age of 44 and 65% under the age of 34 Under the age of age. Overall, the proportion of women in the beauty category is higher than that in the fashion category, and the users are younger.

The main features of popular beauty videos are the following:

1. Creative, authentic and confident tutorial content;

2. Redefine beauty culture through authentic self-expression.

From the perspective of popular keywords in the beauty category, in addition to some more relevant words such as #makeup, #hair In addition to words, highlighting the materials and keywords that change before and after makeup can especially get some good attention in the beauty category.

Like the video in the image above, like a make-up video that changes the hairstyle or highlights the eye contour. There are also like the grandmother on the right, the contrast between the left and right face makeup after doing eye cream lifting, highlighting the effect of eye cream, making this video also a popular delivery video.

Operational recommendations:

Beauty creatives should highlight the contrast between changes before and after makeup; Some makeup tips sharing can also bring a good number of plays.

Home category

In addition to fashion and beauty categories, some small household products or kitchen items also perform well on T-Tok, suitable for novice sellers to try.

The overall age of home users on T-Tok is still as young as ever. In terms of gender portraits, the distribution of men and women will be more balanced - 50%:50%. Among them, the users of professionals and middle- and high-income families accounted for a relatively high proportion, respectively 67% and 66%.

What kind of content material can bring higher playback to videos of home products?

As can be seen from the video example below, placing home products in a more warm home scene gives users a real sense of closeness, and such videos will be more popular with users. In addition, some bloggers will release some "decoration" videos to show the comparison chart before and after home renovation, highlighting the decorative role of the home, this kind of play is in T-Tok It is also tried and tested.

Operation suggestions:

Videos of home furnishing products can be added #Home inspiration, #在家躺平, #爱心小屋, #梦想改造家等标签 to increase the popularity of the video.

On the whole, videos in the home category have fewer views than videos of FMCG such as beauty and fashion, but videos of home products are also relatively easy to hit. As shown in the picture above, some of the explosive products in the home category: candles, soft ceramic artwork, and aromatherapy, have seen more video views than in previous years 500%。

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