T-Tok's Complete Guide to Halloween Short Video Marketing!

12-20 2022

Cross-border e-commerce sellers are about to usher in the big promotion in Q4, how should T-Tok sellers prepare? How can brands get closer to T-Tok users through holiday marketing? The strategy brought today helps you do a good job in market research and holiday marketing from the following aspects

: Halloween popular tags and creative guide    

    Guidelines and precautions for short video

delivery Quickly expand affiliate marketing influencer delivery    Halloween popular tags and data overview

Halloween is a traditional holiday in the West, mainly popular in Catholic and Christian areas, but at present, due to multiple factors such as festival marketing, it has become a global shopping and play festival, especially for young people who are keen on cosplay and carnival parties.

According to Google Trends, the most popular searches for Halloween on Halloween last year were the United States, Canada, Norway, Portugal, and Mexico.

#Halloween based on the usage of T-Tok's popular tags With nearly 92.3 billion views and nearly 10 million videos, Halloween-related hashtags are a highly watched and engaged festival, especially in Europe and the United States. According to SproutSocial's U.S. market research, there are 5 popular social media hashtags for Halloween in 2022

: mainstream universal tags #Halloween and #Halloween 2022 are mainstream tags and are also frequently used by participants when creating related works, as

of The current playback volume of

these two related tags is 103.6 billion and 3.6 billion times, many creators share their Halloween elaborate dressing up and preparation under this hashtag. There are other hashtags with high views and engagement that you can keep an eye out for, such as the countdown hashtag #Halloweencountdown (1.8 billion views), #HalloweenIsHere (4.4 billion views). These labels can be used in addition to any label.

  #Spooky (Ghost) is also a popular tag suitable for major categories, and has reached 20.7 billion views! The hashtag also includes #Spookyseason (11.2 billion). This label has attracted many young people who like the atmosphere of micro-fear while hiding in the comment area, shivering, and constantly scrolling through videos.

Under the popular tags, the number one video with likes today (October 17) is a cute nap blanket printed with a ghost, and the simple video has received nearly 90,000 likes.

home decoration

category Suitable categories: household daily use, such as: holiday decoration materials/ghost toys/LED lamps/party disposable items, etc.; and cooking utensils (such as pumpkin carving knives, cake abrasives, baking machines, etc.).

Popular tags: 1.#halloweenVibes

2. #halloweenparty

3.#Halloweenaesthetic (Halloween aesthetic)

>  4.#Halloweendiy


Creative Guide:   @glass.manor is a blogger who specializes in selling Halloween spooky decorations on Etsy through social media, attracting many viewers to ask "where to buy" in addition to various Halloween-related decorations that can be found in all corners of the room all year round.

She is also very good at interacting with people in the comments section. In the comment area, the user said that "the black cat knows how to do the assignment work", she said: "The black cat is the actor who pays", and recorded the tidbits of feeding cat food for this purpose, which played the effect of guiding interaction and re-draining.

In addition, Vibes & Aesthetics of Ambience was recently shared (Vibes & Aesthetic) has also become a popular creative method among young people. Usually these creative bloggers will use creative elements such as candles, lights, and light music, combined with the festive atmosphere or specific themes, to create freely, and edit aesthetic videos that are beautiful, quiet and comfortable, giving people a healing feeling. In this kind of video, you can implant home decorations, kitchenware, etc. that are being sold, and it will have a good effect. Often these videos also appear with season tags. Figure 1 shows #Fall and #Autumn of the popular tags.

blogger@yrsudio.co.uk She is very good at creating such videos, and she has recorded several short videos for Halloween covering DIY desserts, decorations, hiking and other scenes. On her account page, there is a link to her website, Etsy shop, which mainly sells handmade soy candles.

In addition to home decoration, sharing your DIY Halloween-themed food is also a must-have ritual for the holiday. Everyone shows their brains and hands-on ability by baking cute sweets of the ghost class, suitable for bringing goods cake abrasiveware, kitchen supplies, kitchen appliances, party disposable tableware, etc. Often, these tags can also be used in conjunction with #Pumpkin.


category Suitable categories: beauty products, costume props

Popular tags:

1. Challenge list label: #FunnyHalloweenCostume2022


  3. #HalloweenMakeUp


  5. #HalloweenCosplay

Creative Guide:

Halloween drag can be funny, scary, sexy... It is a test of everyone's creativity and hands-on ability.

In terms of specific makeup, Europeans and Americans like to create by contrasting and recording the makeup process before and after, and bringing cosmetics (especially eye cosmetics) is a very good time. Common makeup includes: clown makeup, witch makeup, zombie makeup, etc.

Sharing creative outfits is also a very popular trend. @my.amazon_finds, the group of drag traffic cones shared has nearly 2.5 million likes and nearly 30,000 replies. Users can find the link on the account homepage to make a purchase.

Group drag and couple drag have become a popular trend on T-Tok, attracting more attention than solo cross-dressing. Fashion blogger @classycleanchic shared his Halloween-themed drag with his boyfriend and pets, and also received millions of likes.

Guidelines and precautions

for short videos High-quality short videos need to meet the "6 basics":

1. Clear image quality, normal exposure

The quality of the video content needs to be clear, the exposure is normal, the brightness is appropriate, and the skin polishing is not excessive.

2. Do not obscure key information

Captions should not obscure key content (such as faces, brand information, product details). Don't add important information to the edges of the video, especially the avatar button on the right and the copy in the lower left corner.

3. Good sound quality, stable vocals

The dubbing is clear, the sound quality is stable, the background music should not be too noisy, and you can use Capcut/clipping for text-to-speech dubbing.

4. The background is clean and neatly

arranged 5. Stable picture, smooth playback

Make sure the video is smooth and does not freeze , to avoid shaky picture when shooting, you can use fixed equipment such as gimbal.

6. Live appearance, fluent in foreign language

Encourage real people to appear on camera to create a sense of trustworthiness and ensure fluency in foreign languages.

Without touching any violations, quality videos get better traffic. Usually the biggest impact on traffic is affected by the following factors

: 1. Completion rate: whether the first 3 seconds of the video catches people, determines whether the user will continue to watch it

2. Total duration (30-60 seconds is best, should not exceed 90 seconds)

3. Copywriting (comment area leads interaction)

4. Top tags (

Hot trend tags, in-stock tags.) , product labels, challenges)

5. Background music

Using the same music as the popular video, or brisk background music, is more helpful to get high traffic.

Method: Find a trending video - click Music in the bottom right corner - select Added to Favorites (open in Capcut) or Use this sound (directly upload the finished video to T-Tok, use this soundtrack), pay attention to avoid copyright problems.

Quickly expand affiliate marketing influencer bringing goods

Finding a large number of influencers to bring goods can help sellers quickly occupy the market during the decisive season. Here's a time-saving and labor-saving approach: use Duet & Stitch)" feature can drive a lot of traffic.

Co-production is T-Tok's self-created hot feature, and many popular trends come from co-production function. Influencers can perform secondary processing on the basis of the e-commerce videos already released by merchants to obtain new e-commerce short videos. This method can not only stimulate the creative inspiration of the talent, but also shorten the creative time of the talent, but also help to increase the fans of the merchant's account, and can solve the problem of sending samples, reducing the cost of time, energy and money.

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