T-Tok algorithm logic parsing

12-20 2022

A popular video must conform to the T-Tok algorithm logic, and only if it conforms to the algorithm logic will it be recommended and seen by users. T-Tok The algorithm is a system around users to recommend personalized content, its biggest feature is to capture user preferences through a series of data, and carry out personalized content recommendations, improve user experience, so that users can not stop as soon as they swipe the video.

T-Tok's algorithm is a trade secret and certainly impossible for ordinary people to know. But as creators, we still summarize a lot of T-Tok when creating content and operating accounts The law of popular videos, share it and hope to help everyone.

Accurate account positioning

What kind of account positioning, determine what kind of target group to attract, positioning directly determines what we want to update, and we operate T-Tok The direction and the final monetization model are determined by our positioning, so the early positioning is very important.

key to

positioning The purpose of making an account is to obtain traffic through content, and then monetize the traffic, which is the first step is very important.

Your content should establish a connection with users, and some friends will move domestic popular videos without considering user preferences T-Tok, but there is no repercussions, because foreigners do not necessarily like the videos that Chinese people like, so the handling is also skillful, not just move directly.

Orient your video based on the behavior of your target audience. Some videos are not watched abroad at all, such as many earthy videos on K's hands, but there are many audiences like beauty dancing and cute pets. Chinese and Western users have cultural differences, this is certain, but there are also some things in common, such as liking to watch handsome guys and beauties, love to watch pets, like fun and interesting tricks or adventure content, operating accounts often change the concept will have unexpected effects.

T-Tok video publishing skills

The release time of videos is also a certain skill, some periods of high traffic, and some periods of low traffic.

The most appropriate time is for people to post before work, so that they have free time to swipe the video. For videos in specific orientations, such as ASMR Video, emotional chicken soup, it is best to post videos at night, the two periods with better traffic so far are

: Beijing time: 11:00-13:00 a.m.< span style="font-size: 18px;"> Beijing time: 18:00-21:

00 p.m

Of course, you still have to test more according to your account content positioning.

T-Tok video copywriting

Many people think that playing T-Tok videos is the most important, in fact, copywriting

can not be ignored, copywriting has several points:

Master the word count of the title

T-Tok platform requires copywriting between 10 ~ 30 words, about 20 words is best, the number of words is too much or too little, the system will automatically prompt that it is not allowed to publish.

clever use of interrogative sentences

Users only want to know what your video content is when they are curious, and they will have the desire to click and browse. Write the title as a question, the easiest to make users curious, asking questions is more conducive to "communication" with users, allowing users to better substitute their emotions, the average user sees that the question sentence basically forms a thinking mode, and wants to click on the video to find the answer.

Increase sense of substitution

The purpose of increasing the sense of video substitution is to narrow the psychological distance with users and make them feel that the video content is closely related to their vital interests. Once users resonate with the content, it stimulates fans to share on social networks, and many popular short videos come from this.

accurately describe the video content

Headlines are high-level generalizations of content and must accurately reflect the core content of the video, allowing users to know what topic the entire content is. In general, T-Tok It will extract classified keywords according to the title for recommendation, which directly determines the number of on-demand and comments of the video, so it is very important whether the title has clear keywords and does not go smoothly.

chasing hot

spots Recent life hot topics, traffic hot words, popular movies and television, holiday elements, etc. As long as it is a topic with wide discussion and high attention, it can be followed, which can effectively increase the exposure of short videos and increase video traffic.

Catch the video flashpoint

Put the flashpoints in the video content at the beginning of the title to help users "focus" and reduce reading costs, while operators must know how to select the highlights in the video. Rendered in the video title.

cleverly set up suspense

It is a truth to use interrogative sentences cleverly, telling stories with titles can enhance the appeal and appeal of short videos, which also tests the creator's writing skills, to be 20 Telling a good story to create suspense in the title around the word is a great test.

Interact with users

Interactive copywriting is to arouse the audience's interest in interaction by enhancing somatosensory feedback, plot participation, and content exploration. In interactive videos, you can use interrogative and rhetorical questions to leave more open-ended questions.

Pay attention to hashtags Remember to include hashtags

when posting videos, there are 3 benefits of tagging: Unlimited zoom in to increase the visibility

of your content

As long as your video has a corresponding hashtag (whether it's your own or a current trending hashtag), it will appear on the aggregated results page of the corresponding hashtag and have a chance to rank high.

drains traffic for itself through content precipitation

You can direct public traffic to private traffic. Let's say you're T-Tok You can launch a hashtag challenge to have everyone imitate you, so you can direct public domain traffic to your own private domain traffic pool.

Create hot topics and participate in hot topics

For example, businesses or institutions, by initiating or creating hot topics to allow more users to participate in topic discussions, Improve user stickiness and increase user activity.

T-Tok's traffic distribution mechanism  T-Tok It is a decentralized platform like D Audio, which means that any account has the opportunity to have millions or even tens of millions of followers. Even if we don't have any traffic, as long as our content is popular, more and more people will follow. This is very fair to all creators.

Our newly released video platform will give a certain amount of initial referral traffic based on the weight of our account. The initial testimonials are distributed to people and fans who follow us nearby, and then intelligently distributed with user tags and content tags, T-Tok Traffic has low-level pools, medium-level pools, and high-level pools.

Accounts with different weights will be assigned to different traffic pools, and the exposure will be different. The distribution is based on indicators such as the number of views, likes, and interactions of the video, in addition, the more accurate and vertical the account positioning, the more accurate the fans, the easier it is to monetize, and the more traffic it gets.

Therefore, the big idea of the entire operation is to improve the reading, like, interaction and other indicators of the video through various means, so that the video enters a larger traffic pool, gets more exposure and gets more traffic.

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