T-Tok ultra-full monetization model explained

12-21 2022

All traffic that is not for the purpose of monetization is hooliganism, and since we have already started operating, how can such a large amount of free traffic not be realized? Listen to me slowly about a few models of free traffic monetization, and then look down.

1. T-Tok e-commerce model

At present, most of the friends who play T-Tok come in from cross-border e-commerce, so the first one is to use T-Tok e-commerce to monetize. The main operation method is to hang the product link on the homepage of the T-Tok account.

2. T-Tok live evaluation mode Find someone who speaks English well and understands the habits of foreigners as a host, and it is best to stay abroad or be a foreigner himself. Organize a set of live broadcast tactics for your own products, guide the products out by setting the atmosphere of the live broadcast room, and provide coupon codes to guide fans to click on the homepage link to place an order.

3、T-Tok Affiliate mode Open Amazon-Affiliate and Express-Alliance to register affiliate accounts respectively, and find products with similar attributes to your own account through search to directly get the short link to hang the homepage.

4. T-Tok advertising network (virtual product) model

Go to some reliable advertising network websites abroad to register an account. Generally, advertising networks like this have CPS, CPC, CPA, CPM, CPV and other billing methods, and we mainly choose the first three for cooperation.

5. T-Tok private domain chat mode

Prepare one WhatsApp, and then directly through the domestic platform to find some grass materials related to their own products, re-edit with better copywriting release. WhatsApp can be pushed via private messages.

6. T-Tok Creator Fund

This monetization method has been contacted by friends who do T-Tok. Because the creator fund is based on the reward that T-Tok accounts can only have with a certain number of views, they need to have some experience in T-Tok operations.

T-Tok paid traffic monetization Although free traffic is a very low-cost way, but due to some of its characteristics, T-Tok paid traffic is particularly important in continuing to amplify this piece, after talking about several modes of T-Tok free traffic monetization, let's talk about several ways to play the current T-Tok paid traffic.

1. T-Tok ADS mode

At present, the purchase price of T-Tok ADS is very cheap, suitable for friends who already have advertising experience. However, because the delivery is not very accurate, the ROI will fluctuate between high and low.

2, BTTA mode

3. Pod mode

When the video is sent, you can heat the video below the video, and you can quickly get views and followers. It's about the same as domestic dou+. This method is similar to the dou+ of the domestic D sound, but there is no corresponding shopping cart link, so after heating the video, with the previous e-commerce monetization model may have a good output, everyone who is interested can also try it.

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