12 T-Tok Operation Tips!

12-22 2022

T-Tok is gradually becoming one of the most popular apps among overseas teenagers, but due to its rapid spread, its reach is not limited to teenagers.

Looking at such achievements, there are many companies that want to settle in and experience. While T-Tok may not be suitable for every business, it can help businesses reach their target audience. Businesses can follow the following tips shared by Forbes to integrate content on the platform into a reliable marketing strategy to make T-Tok better serve their businesses.

01 is more focused on

telling a good story than making

Content quality is critical, and that means telling a good story that elicits a response. The dangerous behavior of brands is to overdesign the campaign, without any fancy production, without over-producing content, good stories and strong emotions will contribute to the success of the content.

02Make sure your brand culture aligns with T-Tok


messaging framework needs to be aligned with your brand guidelines to ensure brand consistency. To further avoid disconnection and misalignment, management can share T-Tok Good and bad use examples to avoid confusion among team members.

03Identify relevant information and prepare to engage with your audience

04 research competitors and brainstorm unique information

Not every platform is right for every business, and not every platform can help businesses reach every customer. First of all, can T-Tok help businesses reach any target audience? If so, what specific message makes sense for this particular target customer? Research your competitors' strengths and brainstorm unique information that makes sense for your business.

05 has a certain fan base and then develops a T-Tok strategy T-Tok has

great influence and engagement, but don't blindly settle in. With a certain audience base, it only makes sense to settle in T-Tok and carry out activities. And ensure that the company's strategic and creative materials are brand and authentic.

06Content that shows the real side of the business

When it comes to creating content, don't go with the flow. Simply following every current trend may garner views, but it won't build your brand presence.

07 The company's content is consistent with the mental age of T-Tok's audience T-Tok for business is to make sure your brand's content aligns with the mental age of your audience. In other words, the content on T-Tok should feel like talking to a friend; Instagram is more like talking to colleagues, Facebook is talking to your grandparents.

08 believes in collaborating creators

T-Tok's success relies heavily on the creator community in which the brand participates. This means that businesses must trust creators to do what they think is best for the brand.

09New adjustments to existing formats and trends

Gain insight into the preferences of your target audience and avoid duplication of effort. While creating trends on its own sounds great, the vast majority of T-Tok viral content reflects a new shift in existing successful formats. This can be verified by browsing the Discover tab, where millions of users can be seen leveraging existing trends to achieve social engagement at scale.

three core elements in 10T-Tok T-Tok videos are best for businesses with three core elements. First, you need an appealing selling point that keeps people following your content. Second, use a story or content to focus on teaching what people don't know. Finally, make sure the video editing is fast and to the point. When consumers read while watching, adding transcription helps reinforce key points and builds another layer of stickiness.

11 Brush presence on T-Tok First, promote the brand on T-Tok. This makes it easier to tag merchants than to provide links outside the platform. When it comes to content creation, there are a variety of options, including partnering with creators who know the platform best, but it all starts with joining the community.

12 creates entertainment and tension through "voiceover


If brands want to capture the attention of their audiences, they need to create entertainment at T-Tok. Creating content with tension is critical, and brands need to surprise or show a different side. On T-Tok, brands can "go beyond bounds" a little. When they appear in unexpected but still very real ways, consumers give back.

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