T-Tok Operations: How to Redirect Traffic to Private Domain?

12-22 2022

The Internet era is indeed the king of traffic, and in today's era, "traffic is hard to buy"

How many e-commerce players want to take the traffic for themselves even if they are fighting for the head and breaking the bloodstream, but the traffic and traffic are also different, and the conversion brought by different types of traffic may also be worlds apart.

For example, watching live broadcast to buy things, when the early live broadcast model was just emerging, people came to see the live broadcast with the psychology of watching live broadcast and buying things by the way, so the conversion will not be very good.

People also shop online with curiosity, and with the rise of the live broadcast industry, more and more people are accustomed to online shopping, so people are shopping to watch live broadcasts.

Therefore, identify the nature of the traffic of the account itself. Then find the right monetization opportunities according to the nature of the traffic, will the sales increase?


between public and private traffic public traffic: public domain traffic is the traffic that every e-commerce player will encounter, the essence of its traffic is that the merchant directly enters the platform to achieve traffic conversion, of which live traffic is a typical public domain traffic, also known as "consumption traffic" in the industry, its characteristics are the platform's own traffic, although there is no need to worry about no traffic, but most users still go to the characteristics of the platform's attributes, there is not much interest in the seller's products, and even if there is the slightest interest but not high loyalty, It will also be quickly attracted away by other platforms or sellers' goods.

Private domain traffic:

If you compare public domain traffic to the random flow of people walking on the street, then private domain traffic is more like your relatives, relatives and friends, it has no unified concept.

In a simple overview, directing traffic to the private domain is to transfer T-Tok traffic to social platforms other than T-Tok, such as ins, Facebook, YouTube, independent sites, etc.

This aspect is the same as our domestic directing fans on self-media platforms to Weibo or WeChat, because the monetization model of these platforms has been relatively perfect, and then our options will become more.

Therefore, it is necessary to direct public domain traffic to the private domain, although the private domain is not as large as the public domain traffic, but the traffic is not your own but official after all.

Low adhesion with sellers, coupled with the official intention to push traffic to big coffee, then the traffic left for themselves is very small.

How to direct traffic from the public domain to the private

domain 1. Mounting mailboxes In the private domain, although the reply time of the mailbox is larger and the message time is longer, the mailbox has always been the most commonly used software and the most commonly used social tool abroad.

This is very related to foreign culture, the early Internet originated abroad, email is the first social software used in the early days, from ancient times to the present is still many foreigners only use mailbox.

2. Bind a third-party account

On the homepage, we can add our third-party accounts to it, on the one hand, you can increase the weight of the account. On the other hand, it is also conducive to the precipitation and accumulation of private domain traffic.

The binding method is also simple and direct, at the bottom of the editing profile, the last three are, which can be added directly.

3.Pay attention to the return drainage

Attract the attention of fans in the form of return, and when he sees that you follow her, he will also look at your homepage and will be attracted to your homepage.

Note: A small amount of back-off drainage is OK, but a large number of back-off drainage is easily identified by the system as brush number.

4.Whats APP

Whats is a relatively common software that leads from the public domain to the private domain.

Whats' convenience is that it is simple and cost-free, you can send videos, pictures, and voices, you can also link mobile phone numbers, and even add friends, these features are good!

We can guide the deal in the form of real customer service.

It is recommended that you use the personal version, download it directly from the mobile app, log in with your mobile phone number, and select the country

On the WhatsApp Business Settings page (Settings) click Business Tools ( Business tools), find the short link (Short link),

Isn't it convenient to copy the link to the T-Tok homepage with one click

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