34 T-Tok operational utilities

12-23 2022

In daily operations, T-Tok sellers often encounter various T-Tok such as how to remove watermarks from videos, how to find music without copyright, whether there is a good translation software recommendation, and how to bring goods without a source Operational-related issues.

But if you understand some of the practical tools for T-Tok operations, you can easily solve these problems, and you will also find that using these tools can greatly improve the efficiency of T-Tok operations.

Below is a compilation of 34 T-Tok operated utilities that are recommended to be collected and consulted at any time.

account locator tool

1. T-Tok official website When doing account positioning, you often need to check the account content of your peers, you can directly enter the account name on this website to find the account's videos and watch them, and you can also query all videos of the same type according to tags.

2、T-Tok influencer query platform platform where advertisers and influencers collaborate on T-Tok. Here you can search for influencers by selecting specific criteria, such as G Home, category, number of followers, etc. The platform will also analyze the information of influencers, providing analysis of data such as fan portraits, growth trends, and best performances.

Material tool

1. Pexels

Free copyright-free image and video downloads, high image quality.

2. Mixkit

Free copyright music download.

3, Videvo

Free video materials, sound effects, etc.

4. Bilibili video parsing

You can download videos from B station, WB, Yt, Twi, Ins and other platforms.

5. INSTAGRAM Image/Video Download

Sites dedicated to downloading Ins images, videos, and stories, with a limit to the number of downloads.

6. Allavsoft

Supports video downloads for various platforms. You need to download the software with a computer, and then copy the video link you want to download to this software to start downloading.

Editing tool

1. Clipping D Sound's video editing work is available on mobile phones and computers, and novices can also get started quickly, basically meeting 90% of daily editing needs.

2, Adobe Premiere Pro

PR for short, the most powerful video editing tool, more suitable for players with a certain foundation.

watermark removal tool

1. Apowersoft Watermark Remover

can recognize the link you copied from the T-Tok app, and you can get a watermark-free video in just a few clicks; It can also be used to remove watermarks from videos on other platforms.

2. Video Eraser

A watermark removal app for iOS that can remove watermarks, logos, and other elements from videos.

Transfer tool

1、Snapdrop very practical multi-platform transmission, no need to download any app software, as long as the same WIFI, want to transmit the device, directly open the URL to detect the device, directly click data transmission.


It has many functions, including file transfer, remote control, screen mirroring, file management, etc. It needs to be used with both the computer client and the Android client.

ad delivery tool

1、Bluevision BlueFocus, domestic FB, Google, T-Tok advertising first-level agency.

2, sinoclick

Like BlueFocus, it is also a domestic first-class advertising agency.

translation tool

1、Deepl Compared to other translations, the translated text will be more suitable for daily life use, suitable for T-Tok copywriting translation.

2. Choiyun Xiao

Translation The content will be translated and displayed in "Chinese-English" mode.

3. Deftpdf

specializes in translating all kinds of PDF and Word documents.

resource tool

1、famebolt T-Tok account trading platform, which can be classified by category, number of followers, etc.

2. Sidesmedia

A platform that sells high-quality followers.

data analysis tool

1、Tikstrar You can see T-Tok's recent popular videos/tags/music, etc., and you can also check the popular account IDs and account bios of specified countries.

2. Tikbuddy

T-Tok data platform to view popular video data.


http://Analisa.io This site analyzes bloggers by fan activity, and users can view the data by searching for the blogger's name. The data presented is perfect, but you need to top up to see more data.

4, T-Tok Analytics

Data analysis tools built into the T-Tok app. Simply switch your account to a Pro account to use this feature.


A comprehensive data analysis tool for T-Tok, the screening of popular video elements provides creators with material, Streamer search targets brands with hostes.


1. Google Trends

View search term trends by region/time.

2. Amazon US hot list

In addition to seeing the ranking of search terms, it also supports quick filtering, up and down filtering, and exporting data.

3, Semrush

Find markets by keywords.

linking and consortium tools

1、Bitly Shortlink Generating Website, suitable for the T-Tok Introduction Website hanging link.

2. Amazon Associates/AliExpress Alliance

Earn commissions for promoting products on Amazon.

network environment retrieval tool

1、Whoer Used to detect the camouflage of the environment, you can log in directly to the URL, and the camouflage degree of playing T-Tok is generally more than 90% That's it. If it is not exceeded, the following will generally prompt which link has a problem, and make some adjustments according to the link.

2, ipip

Used to detect the location and latitude of the IP to ensure that the IP you are spoofing is in your desired destination country. If you want to make a US account, it should show the IP and latitude and longitude of the United States.

3. Browserleaks

Test information about your current IP.

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