What to do with T-Tok video zero playback?

12-23 2022

Friends who have been plagued by the T-Tok zerocast problem have seen it!

I don't know how many friends are excited to go to T-Tok to open up a position~ The result is completely disinterested by the inexplicable zero-broadcast and throttling problems?

Hmm~ Without further ado, let's first take you to recall what is the zero-playback problem of T-Tok~

Look at whether it is a little uncommon heart plug~

Anyone who has played T-Tok knows that T-Tok has several problems when he first enters the game

The first is that the download registration cannot find the way

The second is that T-Tok can't be played on a black screen when it is opened The

third is the zerocast problem

At the beginning, most of my friends were stuck in the problem of not finding the way and unable to download and register normally, and the black screen was mostly because of network problems, but zero broadcast and limited streaming, even players who have played T-Tok for a long time, may also encounter!

After all, I diligently find materials, and when it is my turn to show my skills and show my ambitions, several videos are stunned, and I like to mention zero broadcast or single-digit playback, this glance seems to offend the world's rush, but it must be solved!

Congratulations ~ I saw this article in the vast sea of literature!

Next, we will take you into the world of breaking T-Tok zerocast!

1. Under what circumstances is it easy to zero broadcast?

(1) A brief explanation

of the zerocast problem Let's start with the point - T-Tok's operations are actually very environmentally conscious!

Mobile phones, WANG networks, IPs, and all the things you notice or don't notice when surfing the Internet are the factors that make up this environment.

Therefore, we will find that as long as the account that is normal at the beginning of operation and has been operated for a period of time, plus the stability of the subsequent WANG network, there will be single-digit playbacks!

But! Just registered account, no one knows how the weight of this account is, and when it is first released, the probability of zero broadcast is actually very large!

But the first video of the new number is zero-broadcast, which can only prove that the weight of this account is not high, and it is not to the point of panic, at this time, we recommend that you send two more finely cut videos to determine that it is not your device hardware problem!

What if your first video didn't do the "bug" well? Right~

But if it's an account you've been operating for a while, it's fine a few days ago, and now it's suddenly posting something zero-broadcast, oh roar, this problem is a bit big!

Many people will consider the problem of the WANG network for the first time, which is fine, but if it is all attributed to the WANG network problem, it is too perfunctory!

As a practitioner who has been working on T-Tok for more than two years, the problem of T-Tok zero broadcast is not necessarily the reason for the Wang network!

Here are 5 reasons why video can be zero-broadcast!

(2) Five major reasons

for zero broadcast of T-Tok video 1. Mobile phone hardware causes zero video playback (1) Check whether a card is inserted in the mobile phone that operates T-Tok, whether there is residual carrier information, and even the relevant data information of the previous owner of the mobile phone.

(2) Confirm with someone who understands the model of the mobile phone, or whether the configuration of the mobile phone is too low, etc., whether it is suitable for T-Tok operation. For example, everyone often says Apple, if you are still using a device below Apple 6, it is really a fairy can not be saved~

(3) Generally speaking, we do not recommend that you use domestic mobile phones, by no means think that our domestic mobile phones are not good, but because the compatibility of current domestic mobile phones with Google frameworks is not very good, and once installed, there will always be many peculiar problems, For example, your account video zero broadcast problem.

2. Built-in factors in the phone cause zero video playback

If the above hardware confirms that there is nothing wrong, we generally recommend taking a look at the usage of the phone.

(1) For example, the D-bit information, time zone, date, time, language and other configurations of the mobile phone. Generally, we will say that the time zone, language, etc. displayed on the mobile phone should be consistent with the corresponding country of the account, but in fact, when you really set it, you will find that for example, the United States, in addition to Los Angeles, you can also choose New York, USA! At this time, we will ask to confirm the city we belong to!

As for which city to choose, ask the person who brought you in.

(2) Check whether the phone has downloaded a large number of domestic software. It is easy to generally recommend that people who find us use a spare machine to operate T-Tok instead of using their own machine, and this is why! If you download a lot of domestic software in China, then your device is really not "clean"~

3.WANG network causes zero video playback

>  This question is understood by anyone who plays T-Tok, and it is easy not to introduce it here.

4.W regulation operation causes zero video playback

(1) On the same mobile phone, run multiple accounts and switch frequently, log in and log out multiple times in a short time ( For example, three or five accounts on a mobile phone are cut back and forth).

(2) The account has violated the official policy of T-Tok, and has been found by the official T-Tok, and will be given the right to punish and reduce (usually there will be a notice).

(3) After registering an account, crazy release of marketing videos, which is judged as a marketing account by the algorithm system.

The first two of this part do not say much, mainly about the third, some friends are very accurate positioning, just to bring goods or release marketing advertising! But you slam seven or eight videos a day, no matter how stupid the T-Tok machine is, you know that there is a problem with it~

If you want to know how to scare videos correctly, it is better to find a master to carry them.

5. Video content causes zero video playback

(1) The video secondary editing + creation depth of the video is not enough, and it fails to pass the duplicate check test, and it is judged to be a B video.

(2) The video picture is too blurry, so that the video is eliminated in the machine review stage, and there is no playback at all. In addition to the problem that the original material itself is blurred, like WeChat transmission will compress the video, the picture quality reduction problem should be a little understood, we generally recommend that you use lossless mutual transmission! For example, you can use data cables to transmit to mobile phones, use AirDrop between Apple mobile phones, and use QQ face-to-face quick transmission to ensure the clarity of video pictures.

(3) If excessive marketing is caught by the official and still over-marketing after the official reminder, directly limit the number of video views released by the account in the future. Emphasize this matter again ha~ everyone can understand if you want to bring goods~ excessive is really not okay ha~

(3) What to do about the zerocast problem?

The specific reasons still need to be analyzed specifically, and it is easy to talk about a few common zero-breaking methods below!

1. Use the T-Tok co-production function to break

through zero

playback (1) Select a very popular video on T-Tok, if the video breaks through zero playback after co-production, it proves that it is not due to WANG's network, hardware and software.

(2) If the video still plays zero after co-production, check it more carefully and thoroughly until the real cause is found.

2. How to break through zero playback for built-in reasons of mobile phones

(1) Check or reset options such as language, date, targeting, and advertising Z in turn.

(2) Used to operate T-Tok mobile phones, avoid downloading commonly used domestic WeChat, QQ and other software, and download more commonly used foreign software, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

3. How to break through zero playback for the reason of W network

(1) If you use a free W, it is recommended to replace the paid W that is more considered. (preferably exclusive).

(2) If the paid W is used by too many people or has been locked, it also needs to be replaced. (This part may be difficult for friends who don't know much about it, it is recommended to consult the QU party of purchase directly!) Or directly choose the WANG network channel in other countries!)

As for the zero-broadcast problem caused by the video, it is easy to explain it to a certain extent above, if you have searched all the ways, still do not find any problems, and do not know whether the quality of your video is OK, or it is recommended to find someone to bring it, so as not to explore for a long time, or unable to start their own monetization journey, that is not worth the loss.

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