How to open a link to sell goods on T-Tok?

12-26 2022

On T-Tok, you can hang links to sell products, such as: Amazon links, independent site links, etc., to promote transactions through drainage. So, how to open links and sell goods on T-Tok, and how to increase traffic on T-Tok?

T-Tok can not only open a small yellow car to bring goods, but also place a link to attract goods, and click the link to enter the product page to purchase.

How do I open a link on T-Tok to sell goods?

First change the registered T-Tok account to Business in your personal information, and then select the fan group according to the category you made, and after setting it, you can hang the link in your homepage editor.

T-Tok homepage hanging link through the commercial version is currently not required to have the number of fans, 0 fan accounts can also hang links, of course, personal advice not to operate this way, because if the purpose is too strong, the platform will start with the account, or have a certain fan base after the operation is better.

The next thing is how does T-Tok increase traffic?

On T-Tok, you can not only rely on the traffic of the video itself, but also get more views through other methods.

1. Add hashtag

tags are a powerful tool in your T-Tok arsenal. This is how the almighty T-Tok algorithm identifies what you're posting and who might be interested in watching. Using specific hashtags related to your audience and topic to go to a niche is an angle that can be taken.

2. Keep it short

While T-Tok videos can now be up to 3 minutes long, videos under 30 seconds are more likely to be watched. It's also more likely that someone will watch it again a second or third time.

3.Pop sound <


style="font-size: 18px;"> Hashtags aren't the only elements in T-Tok that have their own trend cycles. T-Tok Sounds also tend to experience waves of popularity. Look for repeated sound clips that you might also be able to play repeatedly.

4. Find your specific audience

each person has a specific T-Tok subgenre, figure out your audience and look at popular accounts in these communities to see what kind of hashtags they might use, reference them to inspire your own relevant content. Comments and likes can also help you build relationships with specific audiences.

5. Collaborate with influencers or special guests

Whether you're hiring an influencer or celebrity guest star, or partnering with another brand for crossover opportunities, introducing some outside voices into your T-Tok videos is an easy way to reach new audiences. Your special guest will help highlight the content you've produced and catch the eye of their fans watching your video.

6. Promote your T-Tok content on other social channels

Chances are, T-Tok is part of your larger social media strategy. You may be active on some other platforms as well. Attract these viewers to your T-Tok by sharing video trailers elsewhere.

7. Produce high-quality videos

Make sure your video looks good, which is more appealing to viewers.

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