T-Tok explosive short video crash method

12-26 2022

The effect of T-Tok short video delivery is still strong, mentioned in the recently officially released "What is Next 2023 T-Tok Global Fashion Trend Report": ◆ T-Tok

It maintains a strong influence

in inspiring consumer desire 79% of users say T-Tok motivates them to buy or try new products

>   ◆ #T-TokMadeMeBuyIt's rapidly rising exposure also confirms this

From fashion and personal care to technology products, more than one-third of users choose to look for new products on T-Tok when shopping online

And the common explosive video production on the T-Tok platform is also very simple, nothing more than before and after change comparison, use effect sharing, tutorial display, evaluation and unboxing, etc., and these are all played thoroughly in China. As long as there is T-Tok account, know the methods and skills of operation, it is not difficult to send short videos to earn US dollars.

There are two common types of video production: original and secondary original (carrying). Original shooting is not difficult, T-Tok on the platform The short video of the popular goods is highly reproducible, through the disassembly of shooting angles and techniques, frame by frame imitation, shooting other product videos, although the production is simple and crude, but very effective.

And the secondary original is also simple, as long as the deduplication is done on the ready-made video, there is just as much traffic on T-Tok, and there are many explosive videos. About T-Tok The methods and methods of short video original shooting and secondary original have also been shared in previous articles.

Today I will introduce you to the third production method, the smart e-commerce short video production tool "smart video" that comes with the software. Quickly generate short videos with goods in 30 seconds with one click.

"smart video" operation method

Step 1: Enter the short video intelligent generation tool Method 1: Via T-Tok Shop-general-Smart video

Method 2: Enter through the window Method 3: Enter through

the Sponsored Products page

Step 2: Select a product from the window where you want to shoot a short video, check it and click [Next Step].

Step 3: Set subtitles for short videos

An excellent copy can help consumers quickly understand the advantages of the product and help quickly place an order. Of course, if you don't have any ideas, you can also click [auto-fill] and the system will automatically generate a video.

Step 4: Set a selling point for the short video (optional)

Choose some selling point stickers and the short video will look more beautiful.

Step 5: After confirming that it is correct, click [Start Generate]

Step 6: Preview the effect of the generated video

There will be 6 short videos with different styles in the generated effect, pick one of them that you like best, and click [post on T-Tok] (if the current 6 If you are not satisfied with the style, you can change the set by exiting and entering again~)

Step 7: Secondary editing on T-Tok Step 8: Publish short video

In the last step, fill in the video description and click [POST]. Complete short video release!

  smart video The function of making short videos is simple and fast, which can provide us with creative inspiration for making short videos, and this short video production method is very desirable for making a large number of short videos in a short time or using them in specific scenes.

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