How to place the right T-Tok influencers on T-Tok?

01-30 2023

I don't know if you have these doubts when you start laying out T-Tok: <span style="font-size: 18px;">

• Where do you go to find the right T-Tok influencer to endorse your products?

How do you find and analyze these T-Tok influencer data?

•Does T-Tok have a star map?

•How does T-Tok set a store delivery plan?


It's easy to answer it here simply! There are many ways!

For merchants, the easiest + high-quality way is definitely not to go to the T-Tok account to chat privately with the creators they value! After all, the e-commerce environment at home and abroad is different, and many overseas waist creators may not be as clear about the concept of bringing goods as the underlying creators of a certain sound in our country.

Especially in terms of live broadcasting, China has shown a highly mature trend, if you use the words of Hangzhou e-commerce practitioners who are known as "China's e-commerce city" for many years, that is, the owner of any bun shop on the side of the road knows how to live broadcast!

But what many creators can do overseas is use your product in his daily vlog, sometimes it will be effective, but sometimes ... Well...... It can only be said that it is a matter of opinion~ Therefore, it is very important to use various data marketing tools + correct account data to find the right creators on T-Tok!

As for how to find it! Let's look straight down!

T-Tok data marketing tools!

To find creators, of course, you can't just guess by yourself, see a T-Tok creator publish a video related to their own product and rush up, not to mention whether you can achieve your vision of selling goods, it is still a problem to say that people will not take care of you.

How to cooperate is the will of both parties, you may as well talk about how to see how people's data is!

(a) Third-party data marketing platform


You can directly view video popularity, delivery data, CPM and other relevant data.

Merchants can select products by viewing the creator's videos on the platform to improve the hit rate of popular models.

For example, in the figure below, check the creator's situation before placing a bet!

How to put the right T-Tok influencers on T-Tok?


TICHOO data belongs to the data analysis service platform of account data analysis + product selection function.

It will launch sections with different functions such as popular product lists and small store lists every day, which is relatively friendly to the selection and marketing of cross-border groups such as MCN institutions, brands and short video creators.

If you want to know which creators of the same type are selling on T-Tok? How is it selling? DIRECTLY FIND THE DATA OF THE PRODUCT ON TICHOO AND CHECK THE DATA OF THE CORRESPONDING CREATOR. Convenient and simple!

(2) T-Tok official data marketing platform

1.T-Tok creator market

Similar to the "star map" of a certain sound in our country 。

This is the designated official platform for advertisers and creators to collaborate on T-Tok, which will exclusively provide first-hand insights on fan portraits, growth trends, data selection of the best co-influencers, performance videos, etc.

Let's start with the T-Tok Creator Marketplace is one of the tools that is easy to use to work with creators, and it's easy to check creator data on it to determine if it's right for us. At the same time, this kind of official marketing tool also specially set up an entrance for us to connect with the creators of T-Tok!

Second, T-Tok high-quality program - affiliate program!

It's easy to talk to you here about the T-Tok affiliate program that allows creators to take the initiative to help you bring goods, and the T-Tok affiliate program that can connect with creators directly!

(a) What is the T-Tok affiliate program?

1. The official

statement (1) For creators: The T-Tok affiliate program connects creators and merchants through commission-based product marketing, and creators can enhance their creativity and influence by showing the quality and efficacy of products through short videos or live broadcasts , from which a certain commission is earned.

(2) For enterprises: the T-Tok Alliance is a channel for their marketing, through which they can find creators with greater influence on T-Tok, and these creators can help brands and buyers to connect, thereby increasing brand influence and sales.

2. Reason for recommendation

The affiliate program is actually equivalent to building a "bridge" between merchants and creators.

Merchants have supply chain + sales demand.

T-Tok creators have very strong creative ability + very strong drainage ability + there is a need for monetization, but many creators are only personal operations, have no goods in hand, and are not willing to deposit money on the goods.

T-Tok's affiliate program allows these two parties to connect, eliminating the process of blind searching, and creators can also save the pressure of payment to make videos with goods more attentively, so as to achieve a high-quality e-commerce business ecological closed loop.

At the same time, the T-Tok affiliate program belongs to the official platform docking, which can play a guarantee role in the cooperation between merchants and creators.

(2) What are the types of T-Tok's affiliate programs

1. Public plan

  Refers to designated products in the store, and all creators of T-Tok can bring it!

2. Targeted plan

refers to the T-Tok merchant's opening of designated products in the store to certain designated creators.

Merchants can inform creators of product information by sending invitations, etc., and if the selected creator sees the merchant invitation in the T-Tok background and feels that the product is good, he can add it to the window of his account to help the merchant bring goods.

Note: This plan is the only one of the three where merchants can set 0 commissions!

3. Store plan

Refers to all products in the store, and the creator can freely choose to bring the goods.

Merchants can set a unified commission for all products in the merchant center at once, without bothering to calculate one by one, as long as the basic ratio is set.

It is noted that in the T-Tok hierarchy, the priority of the display of the commission percentage in the above three plans is: "Targeted Plan > Open Plan > Store Plan".

(iii) T-Tok Affiliate Program Operation Guide

With the definitions all over, let's move on to how to do it!

Here it is easy to take the "public plan" in the affiliate program as an example, and friends who do not understand it should quickly look at it!

PS: This is really a detailed step that is easy for XUE members to see, and watch and cherish it!

1. How to create a public plan Step 1: Find the affiliate - select plan management - click on the public plan - click "New public plan" at the top right of the page - create a public plan

the plan 2. Easy prompt: When you create a public plan, the

listing status is in the following three states:

(1) Sellable: Products can be added to the plan (2) Removal: The product has been removed from the

platform (

3) Existing plan: The product already has a plan

We typically select products to advertise from products that show "sellable" status.

I can't find it when I slap my thigh!

Step 4: This is optional - fill in the commission rate or recommendation

for each product 3. Tip:

1. Regarding the commission rate: The commission rate filled in must be between 1% and 50%.

2. About the recommendation: You can describe the key information of the product and product features here, up to 500 words , but we recommend using concise and concise words to express the key content of the product, without really filling 500 words.

PS: The scope of filling in here includes but is not limited to: product design/type/touch/material/fabric/color/usage scenario/function and other related content.

Step 5: Choose whether you want to review creators

The public plan is mainly for T-Tok creators on all platforms, so all T-Tok creators can bring goods for you. But there is also an exception, that is, the "agree" button below, if turned on, it means that when the creator wants to bring your goods, you need to manually agree to the other party's application.

Step 6: Click "Submit"

Note: After submission, a page will prompt the merchant whether the plan has been created successfully, and the merchant should pay attention to check the information on this page.

At the same time, the prompt page will also have the option of "add another", if you want to promote special products, you can operate in the form of multiple plans per store.

(iv) How to manage creators

We continue to say above, what if you click "Agree" and need the T-Tok creator to apply?

come and go, the steps are as follows: Step 1: Find the upper right corner of the "Public Plan" page - click on "Manage Experts

  Step 2: Select "Agree" or "Reject" the received creator application

Tips here!

1. Open this part we will generally see three application statuses: "agreed", "pending", "expired" , you can agree, reject or delete these creators' applications for bringing goods to you with one click - in bulk, and we can reject after screening if the creators are not suitable.

2. However, once the affiliate delivery plan is turned on, and the merchant who needs to bring the goods for review, it is recommended to take a look at the background situation. We have a friend who painstakingly invited a T-Tok expert, only to find that the application information was lying on the list, and he never saw it, he had applied as early as when he made the plan public, so he would not waste so much time later.

Well, the above is a detailed tutorial for creating an affiliate plan that is easily posted to you, which is already easy internal information.

If you want to know more, such as how to build a "store plan" or "orientation plan", such as what creators are more high-quality, such as the current market price of T-Tok in the goods brought by talents....

Finally, the information that everyone connects in the creator square can be viewed by merchants in the background.

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