How does T-Tok quickly attract traffic to the Amazon store?

01-31 2023

Needless to say, T-Tok is still the dominant mobile app traffic. The continuous growth of users and monthly active volume is also enough to show that T-Tok's huge traffic dividend.

For cross-border e-commerce operations, the underlying logic is consistent, which is nothing more than three links: product selection, traffic, and conversion.

Compared with platforms such as Amazon, independent stations are conducive to customer precipitation, and the advantages of repurchase are highlighted, but they do not carry traffic, and the pain points that require sellers to drain traffic independently should not be underestimated. The following will be based on T-Tok Detailed interpretation of traffic dividends and common monetization methods.

Understand the three paths of T-Tok's business development and user behavior analysis It is understood that 44% of US users on IOS, since Americans like to use iPhones, reviews on T-Tok are also flooded with English, followed by Vietnam 9%, India 8%, Japan 8% etc. Among them, female gamers account for 60% of the total, men account for 40%, and 60% are between 16-24 years old; 26% are between 25-44 years old; 80% in 16-34 between years. Therefore, a general classification of selected products is derived, and female players in European and American countries are the main consumer army.

Inventory of the three periods of T-Tok's business development


1. Chaos period in 2018-2019.

belongs to the early entertainment stage.

2. The embryonic period of 2022.

Bio Link diverted traffic to produce the first batch of small rich parties, wool parties, and sellers selling high-quality imitation A goods, in order to divert traffic to grocery stores and vertical independent stations.

3. The embryonic period of e-commerce in 2021.

As Indonesian and British shake shops officially invite merchants to settle in, local sellers and cross-border sellers have emerged on the platform.

Looking forward to the development of the next 3 years, the cross-border e-commerce industry will also emerge with new gameplay such as T-Tok brand account + independent website/small shop + live broadcast.

How can sellers use T-Tok to drive store sales to Amazon?

1. T-Tok drains Amazon path one

: T-Tok can achieve the purpose of drainage and monetization in two ways: One is free traffic, sign up for T-Tok Account maintenance operation, early release of video to attract fans, and put Amazon product links on the homepage, so that overseas customers can directly click to buy. This method only needs to spend some time in the early stage to explore the operation, and it is not difficult for sellers who are already doing cross-border e-commerce, mainly because the traditional e-commerce selling thinking should be converted to interest e-commerce.

The other is paid traffic, open an account with a foreign business license, and guarantee to consume $50,000 in advertising fees a year, you can open 3-4 blue Vs, you can directly hang links on the homepage to T-Tok Mall Transaction. This kind of T-Tok channel can not only increase traffic, increase unit volume, but also increase the brand effect of products and enterprises.

  2. T-Tok Drains Amazon Path Two

: Generate sales for Amazon sellers through T-Tok: One is a free way to increase sales, like free traffic, the first stage is still to raise the number, you need to attract the attention of the corresponding fans, at this time send a video saying that there is a free evaluation product or put a discount to improve the effect;

Another paid way to increase sales, T-Tok advertises compared to Facebook Low cost and low upfront competition. So, so in the case of sellers who have been Amazon for a long time, there is more and more nothing to do, T-Tok It can open the door to a new world for their marketing, sellers and businesses who are ready to do brand promotion, increase T-Tok communication channels and expand their influence.

  3. T-Tok & Amazon Special Gameplay


traffic brought in from T-Tok must be accurate, otherwise it will drag down listing Overall conversion rate. It is worth noting that this logic also applies to other off-site drainage methods. Before introducing this part of off-site traffic, there must be a precipitation of traffic, and the process of filtering (washing traffic) must be screened. The independent station assumes the role of this cleaning and then combines The Amazon affiliate project eventually directs traffic to Amazon.

How do Amazon products use T-Tok to hit the market? The core lies in four points


● New, strange, special - stimulate user curiosity, arouse curiosity, stimulate consumption.

● Leading fashion and trend - consumer labels and characteristics for the Z era.

● Strong applicability - display in place, convenient and fast.

● Decompression - can unblock the mood and soothe the mood.

The following detailed review of cross-border brands such as Amazon and independent websites after locking their eyes on the T-Tok platform, the product cases detonated by the power of the explosion: 1. Dog Water Bottle

2. Cleaning Gel Universal Gel Cleaner

Women's High Waist Butt-Lifting Yoga Pants)

4. Pet Hair Remover

5. Reusable glass straws (Skinny Clear Glass Reusable Straws)

6. Cord Holders 7. Workout Lounge Shorts

for Women  8. Yellow Gold Colored Lightweight Chunky Open Hoops

9. Time Locking Container<

span style="font-size: 18px

; ">  10. Multi-Purpose Silicone Original Microwave Mat

11. Lip Brush Tool <

span style="font-size: 18px;"> 12.

Ice Cream Scoop<

span style="font-size: 18px;"> 13. Dish soap dispenser<

span style="font-size: 18px;"> 14. Silicone Narrow Ice Stick Cube Tray  15. The Original Bedside Shelf for Beds

16. Dip Clip 17.

Zip Slicer

18. Magnetic Wall Key Holder....

How to play T-Tok + Amazon affiliate marketing?

It is understood that affiliate marketing (Affiliate Marketing) is a common Internet advertising alliance model, through merchants and affiliates to form an affiliate network. In this network, merchants publish advertisements to increase exposure; Promoters help merchants do promotions to earn commissions.

So, what exactly does the Amazon Affiliate Alliance and T-Tok Influencer Alliance do?

1. Amazon Affiliate Alliance.

The use of celebrities, Internet celebrities, marketing accounts and evaluators, sharing product links and other ways to earn commission monetization is a relatively mature means in China, and Amazon also has this marketing model, and is the originator of Internet affiliate marketing, in In 1996, Amazon established this new way of network marketing, the Amazon Affiliate Alliance.

And T-Tok's role is like D sound, as long as the account becomes an Internet celebrity, there will be a shopping cart function, on the shopping cart can be directly linked to Amazon, AliExpress and independent sites and other websites, allowing consumers to directly follow T-Tok jumps to the page to complete the purchase action.

  2. T-Tok Shop comes with affiliate marketing.

T-Tok Shop affiliate program leverages T-Tok , through commission-based collaboration, helps brand merchants connect with influencers. Through affiliates, you can find the right influencers to promote your products, thereby increasing the conversion rate of your products. It should be noted that products that do not join the alliance will not be able to participate in the short video and live streaming of the influencer. T-Tok Shop comes with an affiliate marketing portal, sellers can set up three marketing methods: "targeting plan", "public plan" and "store plan", so that the influencers on T-Tok can help you bring goods.

T-Tok Insider Alliance portal:

> Sellers can set up three marketing methods: "Targeted Program", "Public Plan", and "Store Plan".

1. Public plan: visible to all influencers in the alliance, influencers can submit an application for the products they are interested in, and after the application is approved by the merchant, the influencer can start the delivery program.

2. Targeting plan: Merchants can invite specific influencers to help bring goods, and influencers can start bringing goods after accepting the merchant's invitation.

3. Store plan: Merchants can set a common commission rate for all products in the merchant center, and the priority of the commission rate in different plans is: targeted plan> public plan> store plan.

The following two T-Tok Shop affiliate marketing case sharing to give sellers more reference

: 1. British space thermos cup T-Tok's long-standing product in the UK is a Space Cup, which had 27 orders last month 10,000 orders. The product has more than 100 delivery experts, and the use of affiliate marketing has achieved a very good explosive effect. It is reported that the blogger's water cup unboxing video has 5 million views, 240,000 likes, and 4614 Comments, the comment section is also asking where to buy.

2. Indonesia Bioaqua Mask

The product has 385 associated bloggers, and the blogger's mask test video has 110,000 views and 6,800 likes, The comment area left a message that I want to buy a lot.

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