T-Tok influencer marketing dry goods

02-01 2023

In T-Tok, the reason why a popular short video is popular must be inseparable from a good Description, a well-written description can first arouse the curiosity and click of fans!

A good description of the work can not only attract users to browse, but also guide users to leave messages and interact. And a bad work description, even if the content and theme of the work are very good, but because the description is not attractive and there are no fans to click, resulting in very little playback, let alone popular, good content is wasted!

So, how important is T-Tok video description? How to write to attract fans to click?

Why is T-Tok Description important

T-Tok influencer marketing dry goods: DescriptionDescription how to write copywriting is easier to explode?

Simply put, the description of T-Tok videos has 2 core functions, which are also the direction we focus on when writing descriptions

: 1. Show to the user - let the user click on the video to show the user On the one hand, to stimulate interaction, then the description must start from the user's standpoint, take user interaction as the entry point, and the copy and video content are in line with the user to trigger user likes, comments, and forwards.

On the other hand, awaken emotions.

This kind of description belongs to the description of emotional factors, people have seven emotions and six desires, nothing more than friendship, love, family affection, as well as moving, warm, angry, patriotic and other emotions. For example, provoke/express gratitude, "thank those who grew up with us."

2. Show the platform - get more accurate recommendations from the platform T-Tok's

recommendation mechanism is machine review + manual review. So our description is first for machines, and second for people.

T-Tok describes how to write more likes, which should be known by those who have done today's T strip self-media, the higher the probability of hitting the tag, the more recommendations will be obtained.

For example, when writing a description, layout some common industry keywords according to the field you are positioning.

To do beauty and grass, you can use more words in the description of exclusive fields such as skin care, makeup, lipstick, etc.; It is usually recommended that you consciously collect some exclusive words that you receive.

For example, "baby", "children's song" and "toy" are exclusive terms in the field of mother and baby.

The purpose of this is to make the algorithm feel that it is categorizing your account into a certain vertical, and then recommend your video to people interested in that field. Make the recommendation more accurate and achieve the marketing purpose.

7 Tips

1. Study your audience Interviews, focus groups, segmentation, and customer surveys are all important research methods for obtaining raw customer data. By researching your target audience, you need to find out some important information, such as


• customer needs;

• Potential demand for products or services;

• wish or dream;

• Previously successful social media marketing campaigns.

These insights will be your inspiration when writing video descriptions.

2. Keep it straight

T-Tok video descriptions are limited to 150 characters (including hashtags), and you should try to keep your description under 140 characters.

Here are some tips to make your description more meaningful and to the point: remove unnecessary information. For example, "Here are 5 tips to improve mental health according to scientific research" can become "Here's 5." Tips to improve mental health."

Describe in shorter words. "Exchanging gifts is an important part of Christmas. What do you think?" That's okay, but you can shorten it to "What do you think of exchanging presents for Christmas?"

3. Working with KOLs

Most KOLs can come up with a lot of interesting content ideas, so when working with KOLs, you only need to provide information about your brand and your target audience, and they will be happy to give you some suggestions.

4. Ask a question

Will you choose money, power or love? If you had the ability to travel the world, where would you go first?

Incorporating questions into marketing content is a proven way to increase consumer engagement. Engagement rates may be higher if brands ask appropriate questions compared to posts without questions.

The strategy works because of the problem:

• Make the individual stop to think and consider possible reactions;

• Reduce reading speed to allow them to connect more deeply with the content;

• Engage individuals with content.

Here are some of the questions that businesses have used to increase content engagement.

For example, in this Pepsi video, the two bloggers are engaged in a rhythm battle by imitating the multiple sounds emitted by Pepsi cans.

The title asks viewers which side they are on. To ask valid questions, follow these tips


• Experiment with open-ended and closed-ended questions. The latter can be with a simple "yes" or "no." " to answer, but the former needs more information. For example, "Have you ever felt like this?" It's a closed-ended question, but "Which side are you on?" This is an open-ended question.

•Make sure the question is relevant. If your question doesn't matter, you won't be able to generate better engagement. Questions should include discussing the concerns, interests, and ambitions of the target consumer.

5. Include relevant tags

To ensure that your content is seen by the right people, you must use accurate, relevant hashtags. This strategy will help you get more T-Tok engagement and achieve your marketing goals.

1) How do I write tags?

(1) Keep an eye on recent T-Tok trends

Includes new dance moves, pop songs, BGMs, and filters (links).

(2) Align with the hottest people

Look for the top KOLs in your field and pay attention to the hashtags they use on this platform.

(3) Use season-specific hashtags

> #SweaterWeather, #WarmChristmas, or #HalloweenOnPoint are good examples.

When deciding which hashtags to use, pay attention to the number of tags you use. Too many hashtags can be confusing and make it difficult for T-Tok's algorithm to understand your video content.

6. Use the T-Tok Analytics toolstyle="font-size: 18px;"> The T-Tok Analytics tool provides users with a wealth of sources of information to improve your posts, helping you get more followers, interactions, and views.

With the T-Tok Analytics tool, you can know the following: •How relevant is your content in terms of publishing it?

•How many followers do you currently have?

• How interesting are your posts?

•What is the total number of views, shares, comments, and likes of your content?

•Hashtag performance metrics (which will attract more interaction).

These metrics show how well your T-Tok marketing approach is performing, effective (and ineffective), and potential points for improvement.

For example, a rapid increase in engagement and followers in a short period of time means that your content is interesting. It might be a good idea to produce similar types of content to keep your followers interested.

7. Maintain relevance

Here are two tips for creating related content:

1. Words such as "you are" can be used in the description to urge the viewer to put themselves in the protagonist's shoes.

2. Write in a normal conversational way, without lengthy or difficult terms, easy to understand.

3. Practice: How to modify the T-Tok description after the video is released After you publish a T-Tok video

, you cannot change the description. However, there is a way to achieve it. Here's the process of editing the video description on T-Tok after publishing


1. Save the video to your phone by downloading;

2. Delete the original video you want to edit the description;

3. Replace the old description with the new one and re-upload the video.

The essence of this trick is to simply replace the old video with a new one with a new description.

It is recommended that you create one that contains all T-Toks A timeline of social media content described by the video. Because your marketing team will check it often, it's easy for them to spot if there are any bugs in the description and fix them right away.

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