A super detailed guide to T-Tok e-commerce live streaming

02-02 2023

In the current cross-border market where traffic acquisition is difficult and costly, T-Tok live streaming e-commerce is undoubtedly the best track and opportunity for new traffic acquisition.

Its advantages are very obvious, not only the user base is large, but also the degree of competition is relatively small, cross-border merchants need to deploy as soon as possible to seize this opportunity.

How did that complete T-Tok live broadcast come about? Based on the T-Tok live white paper, today I will help you sort out and introduce the detailed process.

This article first briefly summarizes the mechanism of T-Tok live broadcast, then introduces in detail the launch methods of T-Tok mobile terminal and OBS (unmanned live broadcast), and finally focuses on the four elements of live broadcast success such as traffic + anchor + product selection + script, and sorts out the specific work items at different stages of live broadcast from beginning to end, so as to provide some reference for cross-border merchants to open T-Tok live streaming.

I. The mechanism of T-Tok live

streaming Before you want to live broadcast, you need to understand the relevant mechanisms of T-Tok to better complete the live broadcast process.

(1) Account live streaming conditions

The account category does not affect the live broadcast function, and the live broadcast function can be enabled after the personal account, creator account, and enterprise account meet the 1≥000 conditions for fans (the number varies in different countries/regions).

Of course, streamers must also be at least 16 years old. In addition, users who are 18 years of age or older can receive and send virtual gifts during the live stream.

(ii) LIVE Replay<

span style="font-size: 18px;"> T-Tok live streaming is supported and has a 90-day validity period. Cross-border merchants can use this function to download their own live content, and then make a fine cut into a short video to publish, expand the dissemination and obtain multiple revenues.

(iii) New features for T-Tok live

streaming On November 8, T-Tok allowed creators to respond to audience comments and questions while receiving virtual gifts, and will continue to optimize the live room feature in the future.

T-Tok live broadcast process and related functions

(1) T-Tok mobile phone

>  The specific operation steps are as follows

: Step 1 Enter T-Tok

and click "Me" to enter the store;

If there are no products on the "shopping basket" icon interface, the seller needs to add the products, and click "Get started" in the middle of the interface to list the products;

If there are products under "Shopping Basket", click "Manage Shop" to add items in the store.

Step 2

After adding products, click "+" on the homepage to enter the live broadcast interface;

After entering the live broadcast interface, sellers can use "take a photo" or "select from library" Set the live cover; Try to choose images that are closely related to the product or live broadcast theme to attract users.

After setting the live cover, sellers can enter the live broadcast title (up to 32 characters), and the following elements should be paid attention to when setting keywords in the title

1. Set popular or keyword Hashtag;

2. Related to live broadcast content: If the live broadcast sells beauty but the title is 3C products. This irrelevant and deceptive title will cause disgust among users and is not conducive to increasing the popularity of the live broadcast room;

3. You can use emojis, punctuation marks (exclamation marks, etc.);

4. Highlight live broadcast characteristics, such as celebrities, beauty bloggers, etc.;

5. Establish group tags and use some keywords to associate with specific groups, such as Ramadan promotion, men's clothing special session, etc.;

6. Smart use of marketing vocabulary: special session, feast, welfare, discount, gift, carnival, limited, limited, super value low cost-effective.

After setting the title and cover, you can see the Go live interface, where there are five toolbars on the right side of the upper interface, namely

: Flip



span style="font-size: 18px;"> Share


Click setting to set gifts in the live room, open messages in the live room, and block keywords in the live room.

Once all the settings are complete, you can click Go live to enter the live stream.

Step 3

At this time, it is already in the live broadcast, the host wants to add products again during this process, click the "shopping basket" icon at the bottom of the live broadcast interface, and the product interface of the live broadcast room will pop up;

Enter the product interface of the live broadcast room, if there are no products, click the product "Add from Shop" to add products from the store.

Enter the store product interface, select the product, and click "ADD" to add it.

You can also add products from other platforms, but the product name must not exceed 30 characters, and the product link must be verified.

If you need to introduce multiple products, the host can change the top product according to the product change, click the shopping basket on the live interface, see the product interface, and "Pin/Unpin" pin/unpin the specific product.

Step 4

During the live broadcast, merchants can see user comments at the bottom of the screen, understand the topics that users care about most, choose high-quality live broadcast answers, or interact with users by connecting with the audience.

Interaction not only brings consumers closer, but good answers are also a powerful way to promote products.

Step 5

If the host wants to end the live broadcast, click the close sign at the bottom of the screen to confirm the end of the live broadcast and enter the end screen.

The end screen includes the increase of new fans, the number of live broadcast viewers, tips viewers, and cumulative access to tip data, which can help merchants review the entire live streaming process.

After introducing the seller's interface and functions, you should also know the interface functions and purchase process

of the buyer's live broadcast room:

The buyer's live broadcast interface is similar to the usual user brushing the T-Tok video interface, but scrolling comments appear in the lower part of the screen. At the bottom, there are small yellow cars, message areas, flowers, gifts, and sharing.

Users enter the live broadcast interface, click the avatar to view the details of the host, and can directly follow; The message area can be interactive; Click share to forward and share; Users can use gold coins to purchase virtual gifts to tip the host; Users can also choose to connect with the host, which is similar to the regular T-Tok live content.

The purchase process is of course the most concerned by sellers:

If buyers are interested in the product, they can click the small yellow car to enter the purchase interface;

The purchase interface will appear the live broadcast product list of the host, you can click the "buy" button after the product, and more detailed order information will appear.

When the user confirms the purchase, fill in the order and address details, click "buy now", and the order has been completed.

(2) T-Tok OBS starts broadcasting


you want to use OBS streaming, please apply for OBS push permission with your account manager.

Step 1: Download and install the push artifact OBS

Step 2: Select "cast on PC/Mac" to start broadcasting

After clicking it, you will also need to copy the server URL and stream key.

Step 3: Set the artifact push address

Select Custom for the service and fill in the Server URL & Stream key you just copied

Step 4: Select a push resource

You can select local videos, pictures, screens, etc.;

Step 5: Start streaming

If a pop-up window may encounter a problem problem with the key parsing, you can try again to solve the problem.

3. Play T-Tok live broadcast elements and specific matters

(1) T-Tok live broadcast focus elements A successful live broadcast is not achieved overnight, and needs to be analyzed from four elements: traffic + anchor + product selection + scene.

01 traffic

In the era of live broadcasting, traffic is king, which is an unchanging truth. Before the start of T-Tok live broadcast, merchants cannot "say nothing", and after making good pre-live selection, they also need to use various publicity channels to conduct live broadcast drainage. The main sources of live room traffic include pre-live promotion and sharing during live broadcasts.

02 streamer

Anchors are the soul of e-commerce live broadcasting, excellent anchors bring their own traffic, and distinctive personalities are the prerequisites for live streaming goods. Merchants need to combine the positioning of goods and stores to find anchors whose personalities match their products.

Ability dimension:

communication, appeal, guidance;

Have relevant experience, be able to introduce products and display product selling points;

03 selection

Considering products comprehensively from the aspects of quality, quality and quantity, the most basic is to be able to meet the requirements of live broadcasting, followed by being able to attract the interest of many users;

Using the product selection tool, merchants can filter the products that best match the live broadcast positioning from the massive good things videos on the T-Tok platform, here is a recently discovered 3D quantum eyelash curler as an example.

According to the data, since the video was released on November 11, in just a few days, the video has received more than 1 million views and 6,000 users. Many netizens expressed their willingness to buy the 3D quantum eyelash curler in the video in the comment area.

04 script

In the process of watching a live broadcast, the time to place an order is very short. It's only a few minutes. If merchants want to do this live broadcast well, scripts are very essential.

(2) Specific matters

before the live broadcast 01 Key points of drainage promotion live

broadcast time

Live streaming benefits: Lightning Deals/Sweepstakes/Discounts

Reminder to follow, retweet


room promotion (use the promote function, Promote live rooms)

02 Live broadcast personnel arrangement and communication (one week before the live broadcast)

Personnel arrangement

Set up personnel division of labor, generally including anchor (live room sales & fans), live broadcast room assistant (cooperate with anchor), operation (after-sales).

Streamer communication

One week before the live broadcast, the merchant needs to communicate with the host about the selling points of the live product, the time and order of the live product launch, check the live broadcast script with the host, and conduct a live rehearsal the day before the live broadcast.

03 Scene layout (2-3 days before live broadcast)

The scene is related to the live broadcast presentation effect, giving the audience the most intuitive visual experience, and merchants need to pay attention to it.

Equipment: In order to avoid after-sales contradictions, merchants should choose shooting equipment with higher definition and faster focus, and the radio equipment is recommended to equip the anchor with a microphone/bee.

Background: simple and bright atmosphere, try to use the same color system to create a sense of premium. Set the background according to the host and live content.

lighting: main light (above the anchor position), fill light (placed on both sides without appearing) and auxiliary background light (depending on the situation and venue, can not be used);

Before the broadcast, confirm that all devices are operating normally, and there are no conditions that affect the viewer's experience, such as no lag, no radio, etc.

04 Item selection (one week before live broadcast):

To expand sales by selling selected product sets, you can select the traffic models in the store for drainage, and match them with new products and slow-selling products in the store, and use discounted, Promotions such as flash deals to promote conversion in the live broadcast room.

(3) Specific matters in the live broadcast

Hosts need to control the entire live broadcast process, including introducing products and interacting with buyers to ensure the smooth progress of the live broadcast.

01 Streamer explains


span style="font-size: 18px;"> Introducing the product

First of all, the anchor needs to have an in-depth understanding of the product. In order to better start from its highlights and introduce the product.

buyer interaction

You can use chatter, share your own experiences, launch haggling activities, etc., to narrow the distance between yourself and the audience.

02 Rhythm control

Previous paragraph: 30-second attraction principle - quickly explain the live room offers to the audience entering the live broadcast room, such as: buy and give activities, lottery, flash deals, etc., and briefly outline the product categories of the live broadcast room, such as: clothing, beauty.

During the live broadcast: During the live broadcast, the rhythm of product introduction is fixed, ensuring that the product advantages are not delayed.

End of live broadcast: 3 Simply review all products and preview the next live broadcast.

03 customer service

During the live broadcast, the customer service needs to answer the questions of the buyers who place orders in the live broadcast room, and pay attention to the verification of winning users and the distribution of prizes.

(4) Specific matters after the live

broadcast After the live broadcast is completed, it does not mean the end, and it is also necessary to carry out review, after-sales, and promotion to accumulate experience for subsequent live broadcasts.

01 Review

Traffic sources: analyze the main traffic sources and optimize the drainage method;

Average length of stay: Sellers can compare the average length of stay in the live broadcast room to optimize the goods, processes and content of the live broadcast room.

Comments: Summarize the main common problems of viewers in the live broadcast room, and pay attention to adding relevant issues to the live broadcast script in the next live broadcast;

Order conversion: Compare and analyze the conversion rate of orders in the live broadcast room to further optimize product introduction and interactive conversation.

02 after-sales and promotion

The live broadcast interaction (lottery) can be promoted twice, delivered on time, processed after-sales, to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and to sort out a good reputation for their own brand and store.


"Live streaming" has become an economic means to promote product marketing, allowing brands to quickly seize the private domain traffic pool in the era of fan economy and help sellers get out of the dilemma of "difficult marketing".

T-Tok, as one of the major overseas social media platforms, is also the main position for public opinion monitoring. Use the product selection tool to grasp the preferences of T-Tok users, and provide public opinion information on social platforms for merchants or manufacturers with demand for live broadcasting, so as to carry out the live broadcast layout of goods one step ahead.

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