How to play T-Tok e-commerce short videos?

02-03 2023

Previously, T-Tok marketing was only based on the link of 'T-Tok + independent website', but now T-Tok small stores can truly achieve in-site transactions, greatly improving traffic conversion rate. Originally, T-Tok was just a social platform that attracted traffic, and like Facebook and Google, now it has opened small stores, making T-Tok truly have the nature of e-commerce. Therefore, a large number of cross-border e-commerce players are obtaining the qualification to open small shops through various channels, and have begun to try to make the first pot of gold in this bonus period.

Small stores allow merchants to recommend products through T-Tok's video and live content, establish a connection between brands, products and consumers, shorten the order path, and promote consumer conversion. But how to do a high-quality short video? What content will help improve the conversion of grasses? How is it presented? If you are also worried about this, today's article can help you!

First, the six essential elements of high-quality short video

If there is a problem, check yourself first, have the following six points been met? If you want to build a building, the foundation is especially important.

(1) The image quality is clear, the exposure is normal

The quality of the video content needs to be clear; The background exposure is normal, the brightness is appropriate, and there is no need to over-beautify and dermabrasion.

(2) Do not obscure key information

Picture subtitles, try not to obscure key content. Such as face, brand information, product details, etc.

(3) Good sound quality, stable vocals

In video production, make sure that your voice is clear, the sound quality is stable, and the background music is not too loud.

(4) The background is clean and neatly arranged

The video background layout should be clean and tidy, especially when the lens is exposed to the stall, counter, and production line, to minimize the appearance of cluttered pictures.

(5) The picture is stable and the playback is smooth

Make sure the video is smooth and does not stutter, avoid shaking during shooting, and try to shoot stable and perfect results.

(6) Live appearance, fluent in foreign language

We encourage real people to appear on camera to explain, the interpreter needs to be fluent in foreign languages, and it is not recommended to use AI dubbing throughout the process to ensure that the content of the product explanation is true.

2. 5 types of e-commerce short videos to improve the transformation

of planting and grass Category 1 Horizontal evaluation of commodity categories Invite foreign anchors to appear on camera, do horizontal evaluation through a variety of products, quickly help everyone understand the characteristics of export commodities from multiple angles, especially suitable for 3C products. Through the mixed unboxing video, select 3~6 products, and objectively compare and introduce the product functions, selling points, prices, etc. Show the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and express the application of the product and the audience.

In addition, the evaluation sharing must adhere to the principle of objectivity and truth, and tell everyone why it is recommended. Finally, you can also prepare themed topics in advance, such as snack recommendations that everyone loves! Which mascara is the best to use? Provide users with as much valid information as possible within a certain period of time!

The second type of production process display

class This kind of video suggests a realistic restoration of the place of production and production of goods! Photograph product details and selling points, suitable for handmade products. Exhibit the complete production process of the product from the beginning to the final product, point out its uniqueness for some production steps, and share the cold knowledge unique to China.

For example, you can go deep into the place of origin such as clothing production workshops and food processing plants to restore the production process of goods, satisfy everyone's curiosity and increase trust. For the gourmet homemade and handicraft category, you need to shoot the production process in detail, and you also need to broadcast the production steps, including how to select raw materials, how to make finished products, how to package, etc.

Finally, don't fake the origin! When shooting factories, etc., keep the background simple and neat so as not to affect the viewing experience.

category 3 in-depth explanation of goods You can make multi-dimensional professional explanations of the selling points, prices and other information of the goods, and share your personal real use experience. Invite foreign KOLs who are fluent in foreign languages or have a certain fan base to appear, Multi-dimensional explanation. When encountering products or brands with a certain background, share their experience and introduce the brand background and popular science knowledge they are interested in. If you are selling daily necessities, you can do more comparisons of the same type of products, convey the core selling points, which groups of people are applicable, and what problems can be specifically solved.

Category 4 Using the tutorial guide

class This type of video is to introduce the product purchase strategy, use skills, and teach everyone how to use the product correctly to sell.

For those complex products that are difficult to use, such as popcorn machines and 3D printers, you can guide everyone how to use this product through live broadcast demonstrations and step-by-step explanations. We can also make a purchase guide for users. For example, cosmetics, you can teach everyone where to buy a deal, how to shop around to save money, and how to choose the right cosmetics for you.

Finally, it's a good way to get closer by helping your audience solve real-world problems and share knowledge and skills in a certain industry. For example, by recommending camera products, you can teach the audience daily photography skills; Selling water bottles, you can explain the different use scenarios of water bottles.

Category 5 Multi-scene display

You can vlog or insert a story. You can also use a professional team to produce high-scarcity, high-quality videos. For example, do a vlog that reflects daily life, let the anchor record the daily work scene, how to select goods, how to test the process, so that the audience can better understand the real situation of the store.

You can try the plot interpretation such as funny, reverse, and cultural differences between China and foreign countries. Or for the culture of different countries, produce high-quality e-commerce videos with animation animation, movie texture, INS style and other high-quality videos, which are all eye-catching types.

That's all there is to share about short video production.

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