T-Tok hashtag promotion

02-03 2023

Hashtag on social media platforms is familiar to everyone, which can bring together content on the same topic and make it easier for users to find their favorite content.

T-Tok's unique recommendation algorithm can not only guide users to find their favorite content, but also make the guiding role of tags more obvious, and the platform algorithm directly caters to users' interests and values.

For cross-border sellers, hashtags are one of the most effective promotion methods, and the right hashtag can not only enhance brand influence, but also increase considerable traffic and increase sales for stores.

How can sellers operate T-Tok hashtags?

Businesses should think from the user's point of view. What kind of label has both a unique personality and is easier to remember.

The role of

the T-Tok tag 1. Increase exposure T-Tok's recommendation mechanism pushes content to interested users, and the more accurately the system pushes content to the target group after tagging. People interested in this topic can also see our videos through hashtags, which greatly increases the exposure of the content.

2. Identify competitors

By looking at the popular tags in your industry, you can easily identify your competitors, which can help you better conduct market analysis.

3. Grasp the trend

Popular tags represent the current popular trend, and when we understand this trend in depth, we can bring more inspiration and business opportunities to brand operations.

How to choose tags

1. < span style="font-size: 18px

; "> With T-Tok's "Discover", you can keep abreast of the hottest and most popular points at the moment. When you don't know what to post, check out "Discover" to give you inspiration, and this popular hashtag has good traffic.

2. Through competitors

As the so-called knowing oneself and knowing one's opponent, a hundred battles will not be lost. Learning from excellent peers will allow us to make faster progress, and at the same time, we can study the marketing ideas of competitors and develop our own marketing strategies.


< span style="font-size: 18px;" via the tool> There are currently many tag generation tools that can help us better create tags and analyze tags.

3. A few tips

on the use of tags 1. Create a unique tag popular labels are important, but competitors are also using them, and in order to differentiate themselves from other brands, you need to create a label that is your own brand, and this unique label will greatly increase the influence of the brand. Of course, it takes a certain amount of effort to get the label to be recognized by the public.

2. Cooperate with KOLs

According to the person in charge of Nox, cooperating with Internet celebrities to launch a label challenge can greatly enhance brand exposure, obtain sales and better promote the brand's exclusive label.

3. Keep trying and analyzing

There are many types of tags, and different labels are suitable for different videos, only by constantly trying various tags and analyzing the data of each label can we find the most suitable label for the brand.

4.Learn to <


style="font-size: 18px;"> Everything needs moderation. Although the label is good, excessive use will make users feel bored, or even blocked, so that the gain is not worth the loss.

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