How to monetize quickly with T-Tok within 30 days?

02-10 2023

Without further ado, start today's dry goods right away~!

Table of contents: (1) Creator Fund (2)

Account transactions

1. Account duration

2. Account verticality 3. Account


4. Account follower growth


5. The hardware level

of the account 6. Account traffic source method  7. The account's fan composition

style="font-size: 18px;"> (iii) Diverting traffic to private independent sites

(iv) Establishment of independent stations (

5) E-commerce

1. Character monetization (1) Select overseas KOLs/KOCs<

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"> (2) T-Tok character cultivation account cycle is long, accumulate fans for a long time, so don't smash this place in the early stage, you can choose to cooperate with other excellent KOLs/KOCs first.

(3) It requires a very professional content planning team, operation team and video editing team.

2. Non-human self-built number monetization

3. T-Tok Ads Official Advertisement

(1) What is T-Tok Ads (2) T-Tok Ads

relies on intelligent recommendation technology to achieve efficient matching between user interests and brand information.

(1) Flip-open ads (2) In-feed ads



(4) Stickers

(3) How to run e-commerce ads

on T-Tok (1) Apply for a T-Tok Ads account

>  (2) Select the type of ad according to the

region you promote (3) Short video delivery material preparation (4)

Advertising optimization

(5) Repeat delivery

(6) Precautions when running e-commerce ads on T-Tok

(1) Pay attention to the cold start period (2) Control the frequency of material replacement

(3) The adjustment of bids should not be too large, especially the decrease (4)

T-Tok brand ads are not allowed to be replaced after the


4. Enterprise account

(6) Influencer advertising Now T-Tok

has a similar domestic star map called Creator Marketplace's platform

2. Fiverr task platform and MCN intermediary

style="font-size: 18px;"> 3. Music advertising

(vii) Knowledge payment

>  Domestic knowledge payment


span style="font-size: 18px;"> (1)Fan mai course

(2) Do training 2


Pay for foreign knowledge

(8) Enable live streaming

(ix) Other generic tools

> ——————————————

(1) Creator Fund:

If you reach 10,000 fans, are over 18 years old, and have no violations, you can apply for the opening of the creator fund, and you can enjoy the benefits by posting videos after the creator fund is opened. About 10w playback will have a revenue

of 7 US dollars (2) Account handover: take you to see the market situation of T-Tok account (only show foreign countries) This kind of demand is long-standing, which is also one of the simplest and roughest ways to monetize, at present, T-Tok is very easy to increase fen, a popular video can easily increase fen10w+. A number with 100,000 followers is worth about 3500-5000! Moreover, the current registration of T-Tok account does not require a mobile phone number, no real-name authentication, unlimited registration at 0 cost, and the account after successful maintenance can be directly docked to the boss who does cross-border e-commerce, realizing direct monetization, and saving a lot of time for the boss of cross-border e-commerce, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

The following explains in detail the 7 factors that affect the value of a T-Tok account, of course, some of the details will be known when communicating with buyers.

1. Account duration: The older the account, the higher the weight, the better the account stability.

  2. Account verticality: For example, if you are a beauty account, you must continue to publish beauty videos, do not forward other categories (such as pets, mothers and babies) because of the bad traffic in individual periods, because if you post like this, it will lead to account fans are very chaotic, and the value will be lower and lower, on the contrary, if you continue to post a category of videos, then your account value is very high.

  3. Account switchability: Although it is not possible to find a buyer who matches 100% of the field you do, it is also very convenient to switch if the field is very close. For example: Is the fit between the nail account (beauty) and the wig account very high? Accounts that belong to the same beauty field will not have much impact when switched, because the account will also appreciate in value.

4. Account follower growth speed: The faster your account grows, the larger the potential market corresponding to your account. For example: if the average daily increase is fen The account of 1W currently has 15W fans, and the average daily increase of 2K accounts currently has 34.5W fans, so which account do you think is more valuable?

  5. Hardware level of the account: Did your T-Tok account advertise? How does the data in your ads perform? Is there a live streaming feature? Can I hang a link? Is there any violation prompt for the account? These are all things that affect the value of the account itself.

6. Account traffic source mode: for The more traffic you have, the more traffic the account is recommended by the system, and it is relatively easy to predict that this account will rise in the future. Think differently, if you are a buyer, will you be excited? Or maybe you have a lot of stickiness, if you are a seller, will you think this account is more valuable? So in the final analysis, it depends on what your buyers need, and the buyer's demands ultimately affect the value of the account itself.

7. The composition of the account's fans: To put it bluntly, it is the user portrait, and this factor directly determines the value of your account. The fan area in the figure below is an example


As can be seen from the picture, most of the users of this account are from Russia, and Russia is the main market of AliExpress, if your buyers are AliExpress sellers, then they will be very interested in your account, and the price will be very negotiable.

(3) Drainage to the private domain pool: Why should foreigners divide this focus, because it is not only limited to the private domain of e-commerce, but also it can include private domains such as knowledge payment, Internet celebrities, and micro-businesses, so it is necessary to take it out separately to explain it to everyone.

In a simple overview, directing traffic to the private domain is to transfer T-Tok traffic to social platforms other than T-Tok, such as ins, Facebook, and YouTube. Independent websites, etc., this aspect is the same as our domestic self-media platform fans to Weibo or WeChat, because the monetization model of these platforms has been relatively perfect, and then our options will become more.

For example, the traffic on T-Tok is now quite large, and as long as you send something new and practical like a certain sound in China, it will attract a large number of people to run over and ask where to buy it. Just like the following young lady


Her wig hat display video has received 290w likes and 8k comments, and the purchase call in the comments is very high.

Next, we only need to direct traffic to the private domain some methods, so as to direct traffic to our own personal website or other e-commerce platforms, and we can make very simple commission monetization.

(4) Next, focus on the establishment of personal stations


Why is this specifically divided, because everyone has always said that drainage to the personal station to monetize, such benefits are the highest, but many friends who are new to T-Tok or ready to get started, know or do not know how to build their own personal independent station, and many people do not know how this specific operation process is, so here I will explain to you the establishment and operation mode of the personal station.

In fact, when we build a personal website, we basically use Shopify or WordPress to build, and then use dropshipping (no source to bring goods).

The overall idea is to synchronize some AliExpress sources, increase the price of 2-3 times the price to their own independent station, receive the order from AliExpress to ship, and then earn the difference in price (in fact, it is a reason to bring goods without domestic supply), in fact, the realization of this model is the highest, because the operability is also very large.

(5) E-commerce delivery: In fact, at present, the e-commerce monetization on T-Tok is mainly divided into four ways: personal monetization, non-personal self-built account monetization, official short-video advertising, and corporate and brand accounts  1. Personality monetization: It is to create your own personal IP (KOL/KOC) to attract fans to monetize. Basically, the same as the domestic short video gameplay, create a personal IP, let users believe in your recommendation, believe that you are for the sake of the user, so as to generate a sense of trust, at this time we can bring goods through the KOL/KOC live broadcast of the T-Tok platform, as long as our selection is cost-effective, the price is relatively cheap, in the live broadcast room that kind of loss and selling feeling, you can harvest a batch of high viscosity and high-quality users very quickly, and then through offline word of mouth, It can also bring us more potential users, and over time, our users will have a sense of dependence on us, and since then, they will think of you first whenever they shop online.

However, at present, T-Tok's KOL content marketing richness is far less than that of a certain sound, which means that the live streaming of overseas T-Tok is still very immature, so cross-border e-commerce sellers who want to monetize in this way need to pay attention to the following three points:

(1) Select overseas KOLs/KOCs with strong marketing capabilities;

(2) T-Tok character cultivation account cycle is long, accumulate fans for a long time, so don't smash this place in the early stage, you can choose to cooperate with other excellent KOLs/KOCs first;

(3) It requires a very professional content planning team, operation team and video editing team.

Conclusion of this paragraph: Because the window, shopping cart, Dou+ and other functions have not yet been fully popularized on T-Tok, it is a huge opportunity for cross-border sellers who use KOL monetization at this stage, and it is very likely to soar by seizing the opportunity.

2. Non-personal self-built account monetization: that is, users directly register T-Tok accounts.

This method is the most common (and can also be produced in batches), and it is also the method with the lowest threshold but medium difficulty factor among the several ways to monetize T-Tok e-commerce. This method is mainly based on the fact that merchants need to have a methodology for operating fans to quickly increase FEN. Otherwise, it will lead to a longer growth cycle of the account, which is the biggest drawback, because the current rules of T-Tok are not very perfect, do non-personal self-built account monetization, we urgently need time, the shorter the starting time, the greater our interests, if our one-month account has not yet risen, then this method is undoubtedly not suitable for you, because your account growth cycle is too long, the best growth cycle is 3-7 days to grow, After all, now the various rules of T-Tok are in a gradual improvement process, in fact, it should have been perfected, but there are too few content creators, so the relative review is relatively loose, so we can seize this opportunity, batch number, and then carry out batch e-commerce drainage goods monetization, because this way requires not how many fans we have, but the number of impressions we need, if the playback volume of a video is 10w then we 100 accounts at the same time to push this product?

Therefore, if you use this method to monetize, you must take advantage of the present to carry out batch number and batch realization, so as to maximize the benefits, and there will be no control in this regard for T-Tok now, but if the subsequent T-Tok control is strengthened, there may be a risk of being blocked, and once the subsequent control is strengthened, then the monetization model of this method will appear to be blocked. Maybe you start 100 accounts in batches, it may block you 10, it may be 50, at that time, the monetization model of this method will become more difficult.

  3. T-Tok Ads official advertisement


(1) What is T-Tok Ads: T-Tok is a certain sound of today's T Strip Company (ByteDance) in the overseas version, T-Tok ads is its advertising management background, T-Tok ADS is a collection of overseas traffic products, covering more than 150 countries and regions, 75 languages; Comprehensive digital marketing solutions for global advertisers.

  (2)T-Tok Ads Relying on intelligent recommendation technology, it can achieve efficient matching between user interests and brand information. There are currently four main forms of promotion: app open ads, in-feed ads, challenges, and stickers.

(1) Open screen advertising: as the first time to catch the user's attention of native advertising, the current open screen advertising is to support static images and videos in two forms, belongs to a golden advertising mouth, after all, if you put open screen ads, all users in the area you put on, when opening T-Tok, will first show 3-5 seconds of advertising time, as long as your ads do a burst point, The product should sell out in just a matter of minutes, and then show you the dynamic/static full-screen display of the opening screen ad.

(2) Information flow advertising: This model should have been encountered for our domestic use, after all, we should all be in the video when suddenly brushed to the advertisement, this is actually not the most hateful place, hateful is that we even saw it, which is more embarrassing, in fact, for advertisers, let users read ads in the way of reading information flow, Multi-touch points guide users to deep interaction, more can provide users with the desire to buy or understand the purpose of the truth, in fact, global people in curiosity, are at a level, everyone is curious, as long as your advertising can arouse the user's curiosity, prompt users to understand you, then this advertisement is undoubtedly very successful, and the best point of information flow advertising is that you can download directly. And In-feed advertising also has a model strong native, which is used for advertisers in T-Tok Run a fan page to increase your followers.

(3) Challenge: Quickly trigger interaction for the brand, through several official videos uploaded by the brand, and then quickly drive users to create and upload the same theme video together, so as to form the effect of video linkage, thereby triggering the user's herd mentality, you can let our advertising enter a blowout explosion in a short period of time, which is also the most widely used T-Tok at present. And one of the most effective marketing methods.

T-Tok once did a challenge for a clothing brand in the United States, when only four influencers shot the official video, attracting more than 1,000 users to follow suit in one day, 1,600 Multiple videos generated more than 171,000 engagements and more than 13 million views. And the most important thing is the challenge, which usually has a six-day exposure cycle, which directs all the exposure positions in the app to the challenge activity, in addition to the opening information flow hard and wide, the discovery page, banner, and music aggregation page will push the challenge content to the user.

Guide users to participate in the challenge, and the top KOLs participate in the shooting of brand videos, which will often burst out hundreds of millions of traffic because of the user's herd mentality and curiosity. At the same time, the challenge also has an upgraded version, the upgraded version of the content mainly allows advertisers to design personalized brand pavilions, allowing influencers to customize their choices 3-5 modules, and then through the experts to choose the module, more colorful video creation, so as to stimulate the user's creativity, so often the upgraded version of the challenge, the content is very comprehensive, basically contains many fields of creators can dig deep and participate in it, and will also make the content of the challenge colorful, more attractive to watch users to participate.

(4) Stickers: Stickers can be put together in the challenge, which can increase the spread of the video. The main feature of stickers is to lower the threshold for participation and increase participation through fun methods. And the clever use of exclusive stickers to increase the brand's exposure and highlight the selling point advantages of the brand side. According to relevant media research, on average, every third user in T-Tok likes stickers very much. Sticker types include rain-controlled hair dyeing, foreground stickers, split-screen stickers, hand stickers (gesture trigger), face stickers (facial recognition) and other special effect filters, so adding brand-exclusive stickers to increase user participation in the challenge can play a very good matching promotion effect, so that 1+1 is greater than 2 energy. And the brand side can also use the standard challenge, challenge upgrade version and stickers to carry out the combination of the above matching methods, so that the brand positioning can be strengthened, the creator's participation can be improved, and the brand's display can be increased, which can further improve the user conversion rate.

Of course, in addition to T-Tok advertising, cross-border e-commerce can also be placed on platforms such as Buzzvideo. These are also the best choices for cross-border merchants to monetize traffic at this stage, and they also support users to pay for CPM and CPC. This method can support users to jump through speed Express, Amazon and personal websites to achieve drainage and monetization.

and according to T-Tok According to ADS, T-Tok ads can set the system and price covering the user's language, interest classification, and user's mobile device, and can achieve highly accurate targeted targeting according to the user's region, gender and age. In addition, cross-border merchants can also use keywords, delivery time periods, etc. to increase product conversion rates, and support multi-country delivery at the same time period to achieve multi-regional coverage.

(3) How to run e-commerce ads on


(1) Apply for T-Tok Ads account: including brand and bidding advertising accounts, you need to follow the official application process and open it through an agent. And pay attention to the tonality of establishing your own account at this time.

(2) Choose the type of ad according to the region you promote


The form of information flow + auction advertising is generally applicable to Europe and the United States, the forms of screen open advertising + information flow + auction advertising are generally applicable to the Middle East, and the form of open screen advertising + challenge + information flow + auction advertising is generally applicable to Southeast Asia. Generally speaking, the budget for brand advertising ranges from 500,000 to 500,000 US dollars, and the bidding advertising starts from 1,000 US dollars.

(3) Short video material preparation: a short video must stimulate the enthusiasm and demand of users within 3 seconds, under normal circumstances, the short video with a length of 15 seconds is the best, which can quickly show the selling points and functions of the product, of course, when we make and select videos, we must choose videos with more explosive points or more slots to deliver, First of all, if you choose the burst point as a breakthrough, there must be a high explosive point in the first 3 seconds, and bury the introduction of the next explosive point, remember not to choose the early stage is too bland, the explosive point is concentrated in the rear video for delivery, because if the initial stage of your video is not attractive at all, no one will watch it, so the explosive point video must burst out a burst point in the first 3 seconds, or you can choose a slot, the slot represents to be controversial, Often controversial things can attract the attention and participation of users, after all, the purpose of our advertising is that our video can attract users, and the second is to use video to guide users to buy our products to achieve monetization, so we must ensure that the video we put has a burst point or slot, remember not to choose ordinary videos, because when your video users don't even want to watch it, what to talk about to guide monetization.

(4) Ad optimization: It is necessary to cooperate with relevant data, such as auction advertising data and information feed advertising data, first test the time period of the advertisement, and then continuously optimize according to the creative, bidding, audience and other aspects.

(5) Relaunch: Continuously adjust delivery based on feedback after ad optimization.

(6) Emphasize that when running e-commerce ads on T-Tok, pay special attention to the following four points


1) Pay attention to the cold start period: In order to save upfront costs, it is necessary to monitor core KPI indicators (such as CPA) in real time. Observe ad clicks and crowd coverage at any time, and optimize and adjust bid.

(2) Control the frequency of material replacement: Generally, a material can be used for 1-2 days. Frequent footage changes are not recommended as doing so will result in a loss of weight. We need to optimize creatives based on CPA at any time, and if CPA increases, change creatives immediately.

(3) The adjustment of bids should not be too large, especially the reduction rate. If you reduce the budget from $1,000 to $20, it will seriously affect the weight of the account.

(4) T-Tok brand ads are not allowed to be replaced after scheduling: but bidding classes can be replaced, and nearly 50 ad formats can be created in combination. Therefore, in the early stage, you can test the feedback of the creatives first, only the best performing creatives are delivered, and in the subsequent delivery process, you can constantly test the price and the delivery of each time period, and make a record.

  4. Enterprise account: Since the current T-Tok shopping cart function and window function has not been fully popularized, but in individual areas for internal testing, so that many accounts can not directly hang the shopping cart link, at this time our e-commerce sellers can first establish their own private domain traffic pool, through the account's video + drainage and live broadcast + drainage to the private domain to monetize, this way to establish their own private domain traffic, so as to achieve the continuous precipitation of brand value users, And the delivered content will also be included under the enterprise account, bringing long-tail traffic. After that, merchants can also continue to operate on this basis, circle fans, and finally convert.

Of course, for cross-border sellers, if you want to operate a high-weight account with goods, you must unify the tonality of the account with the industry category and try to refine the operation. In addition, batch operation of accounts will also reduce the weight of accounts and there is a risk of throttling.

Moreover, cross-border e-commerce sellers especially need to pay attention to the fact that there is no necessary correlation between rising fen and selling goods, and an account has a large number of fans, but it does not necessarily convert and bring goods; An account can bring goods, but the number of fans is not necessarily large.

(vi) Influencer advertising

Now T-Tok has a similar domestic star map called Creator Marketplace's platform is a platform for advertisers and influencers to cooperate and trade on this (this platform is not very complete yet, and the types of ads are not very rich). The application conditions are as follows


2. There are also examples such as the Fiverr task platform and MCN intermediaries. The assistant suggests that you do more original IP, this is actually not difficult at all, you think there are already a lot of excellent accounts in China that can be targeted, you can imitate his style, and then publish to T-Tok, is their own original content, and then insist, you may be the next tens of millions of global Internet celebrity bloggers!

  3. Music advertising: First of all, Musicly, the predecessor of T-Tok, is itself an app that imitates music singing and dancing, so some overseas music platforms or individuals will have the need to launch music ads.

For them, as long as the video using their music is popular, more users will upload the same music along with it, so that the herd effect makes everyone familiar with their music. The truth is similar to the brainwashing melody that everyone often hears in a certain tone in China, and there are always one or two melodies that are very popular for a period of time.

For musicians or music platforms, this is a very good opportunity for music exposure, and the traffic is cheap, and it may also become a hit. Once it hits, it not only gains the fame of musicians, but also makes money through copyright.

So there are still a lot of advertisements in this area, but it is best to take this kind of advertising is the team, we have a student here before, with the same students to do it together, the music topic soared to 130 million times in two days, so the advantage of this is that the price will be relatively high, and it is easier to do.

(vii) Paid

for knowledge 1. Domestic knowledge payment (1) You can write a very comprehensive e-book from the beginning to

the solution to the problem by playing T-Tok and the solution after encountering the problem, and then directly sell the course

(2) To do training, first of all, you must be very familiar with T-Tok's operation rules and monetization mode, and have very clear process ideas. A monetization model that can continuously bring fresh knowledge and platforms to trainers, and can organize and participate in the team monetization method.

2. Paid for foreign knowledge

(1) There is a certain threshold for foreign version of knowledge payment: first of all, you need to have a certain English foundation, and overseas users attach great importance to intellectual copyright, more and more people are willing to pay for knowledge, we can sell unlimited times after doing a class, so our cost is almost 0, and above now T-Tok above, there are only a handful of million-level knowledge bloggers, and we, as the operator of a certain sound in China, teach foreigners to play T-Tok that is dimensionality reduction strike.

(2) The simplest and most rude way to play is to leave contact information (such as Line, WhatsApp, etc.) on the personal page to attract traffic to the private domain for selling classes. Through our practice, we found that the recognition of overseas users for knowledge payment is very high, most people will directly choose to pay for learning, and there are already domestic teams on T-Tok by selling "fen class" to earn a lot, you think you can't imagine, is such a bright idea just through "call on fans to help the silk like, comment, forward, together with fen!" The video can actually have hundreds of thousands of people participate in the like, and tens of thousands of people participate in the interaction!

(8) Enable live streaming

First of all, T-Tok requirements for live streaming: The mandatory requirement is that at least 1,000 followers can be used to activate the live stream, and after the live broadcast is activated, fans can give away coins through the live stream. When we accumulate a certain amount of coins, we can cash out, and exchange the coins for real US DAO, which is the simplest way to monetize live broadcast, and it is also the most inefficient, because everyone knows that we are very mature in China if we are rewarded live, but compared to foreign countries, it is rare to see a large amount of tips, so the assistant suggests that if you can cash out in other ways, try not to choose live broadcast to earn tips, because the efficiency is too low.

Live streaming: At present, the live streaming function is only tested in a few regions, but it is not difficult to see that the live streaming model is gradually taking shape overseas, so now many domestic sellers are laying out in advance to pave the way for future live streaming in advance. Moreover, according to relevant reports, T-Tok's shopping cart function is expected to be fully popularized this year, when it can be directly monetized through live streaming without the need to drain traffic to the private domain, which also avoids the traffic loss caused by traffic in the private domain.

(ix) Other derivative services

Opportunity analysis: The current T-Tok is still in the initial stage of development, and the commercialization included is too limited, so many domestic creators want to apply the domestic model directly to T-Tok After a period of operation, it will be found that the current T-Tok is not very suitable.

The most typical of these is the data analysis platform.

But the most embarrassing problem of the current project is that you want to charge VIP membership fees, but you dare not collect them rashly, because most of the ways T-Tok e-commerce players make money are not very stable, and these data analysis platforms, mainly for the group is still these e-commerce players, so when the e-commerce players make money on T-Tok is not very stable, Getting him to spend money on T-Tok services becomes a very difficult thing to do.

Therefore, in the middle of last year, there were still many teams working on it, all wanting to make the first overseas version of the flying melon. But the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny, because of the problem of burning server money, the update speed has been changed from the beginning of the week, to the bi-weekly change, and even more has been changed to a monthly update.

And it is said that now the Feigua team has launched the overseas version, and after the overseas version of Feigua is online, the VIP member purchase function is directly opened, and the VIP charging opportunity is opened, but we don't know how the member sells.

In fact, other tools are now facing the same situation, when players cannot make money stably, and there are more users who regard T-Tok as a tool to make money, and have not yet said that they want to face T-Tok as the first production, after all, there are great cultural differences and different voice problems. Therefore, this also causes the phenomenon that it is difficult to charge for charging tools.

So friends who want to monetize this way, wait!

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