How to write T-Tok video copy?

02-23 2023

T-Tok video descriptions can be the icing on the cake for marketing results.

For example, sellers can call on their audience to join a challenge in their description, ask questions to get audience feedback, engage viewers with interesting copy, and more.

This article will introduce 9 video copywriting tips to help sellers reach more audiences with their marketing videos.

1. Audience research

Good T-Tok video descriptions require audience research as a source of information, including audience research, segmentation, and other market research data.

sellers need to check with their marketers


• Interests that the audience cares about.

• Common problems encountered by the audience and whether you have a product or service that can help.

• What the audience is likely to want to achieve.

2. Concise

T-Tok video descriptions (including hashtags) have a 150-character limit, so sellers need to reasonably write interesting and meaningful video descriptions.

Try keeping the description under 140 characters, putting the most important information first, and editing the copy several times to eliminate errors. So keep in mind our goal: to provide only the most important information.

3. Use real-world

examples Life-related T-Tok videos can get viral, and video content is often how a person overcomes real-life obstacles – that's when audience research for sellers will come in handy.

The specific context will vary depending on the brand characteristics.

Take T-Tok influencer Avery Cyrus, who has a hard time deciding what to wear for her fitness,

In the process of thinking and comparing, she showed off a bunch of Under Armour products. The copywriting description of the video accurately captures the problematic nature of the situation.

It's naturally easy to understand what Avery is trying to show her audience, and she does it in a lively and playful way.

Here's why T-Tok video descriptions are well described:

• Good copywriting "speaks" to the audience. Use copy in formats such as "you XXX" to encourage the audience to imagine themselves in a similar situation

• Good copy should be easy to read. Remove long and complex vocabulary and write in a natural conversational style.

4. Playing meme

Incorporating memes that are only understood by certain groups in a specific circle in the description of the video is undoubtedly a good way to attract and please the audience.

If sellers want to use a similar strategy in T-Tok marketing, consider incorporating the following dimensions into their copywriting:

• Let the audience guess, and those who understand will understand. Make a product or phenomenon "identifiable", but don't give enough detail (that's what the video is for).

• Finally, hint at the target group, such as: "Only real athletes understand this".

5. Working with influencer bloggers

Creative content is one of the main reasons brands decide to use T-Tok influencer marketing.

Young bloggers can usually produce a lot of great content ideas, so creating proper T-Tok video descriptions is also what they are good at.

"Be sure to ask the bloggers you work with to see if they can help you write copy." Christine, a social media marketing specialist at Subjecto "Also tell them what you know about your audience," Rowe says. "

6. Ask a question

Would you choose to have more time in the day, or a week?

What would you do if a day was 40 hours?

Questions such as these can increase user engagement in marketing content. If a brand asks the right questions, user engagement rates are likely to be higher compared to videos without questions.

This strategy works because:

This makes people stop and think about a possible answer.

• Slow down reading and engage with content in more meaningful ways.

• Engage users with content.

Many brands try to ask questions to increase user engagement with their content.

Just like McDonald's did, the co-blogger took a bite of the boneless pork chop sandwich before switching perspective to a range of different experiences — from skateboarding to

Roller coaster – visualizes how people feel about a delicious sandwich. And ask the consumer in the copy if they have had a similar experience.

Be careful to incorporate the problem into the content


• Try closed-ended and open-ended questions. The former can be answered with "yes" or "no", while the latter has more possibilities. For example, "Has this ever happened to you?" It's a closed-ended question, and "If this happened to you, what would you do?" is an open-ended question.

  • Ensure that the issue is relevant. Only when the questions asked are highly relevant to the audience's life can considerable audience engagement be generated. This means that the issues, interests, and goals that the target audience may encounter need to be considered in the copy.

7. Add relevant hashtags

T-Tok is excellent at showing users content they might like, and the platform algorithm learns content recommendations through hashtags.

Accurate, meaningful hashtags increase the visibility of video content, which will help sellers gain more T-Tok followers and achieve marketing goals.

To find the best hashtag:

• Go to the Discover page to see the latest T-Tok trends.

• Find well-known T-Tok bloggers and see the hashtags they use in their posts  • Try seasonal hashtags. Starbucks, for example, uses fall-only headlines to promote drinks and is known for hashtags like #PumpkinSpiceLatte, #PumpkinSeason, and #SweaterWeather.

Once sellers find the tags they want, they should pay attention to the number of tags they use in a single video. Some people like to fill the entire video description box with labels without knowing that mistakes have been made, which can make the video look like spam. Platform algorithms may also be difficult to accurately recommend to appropriate users because of too many hashtags.

Just try no more than 5 hashtags for the video description, allowing the algorithm to recognize it while leaving room for other descriptive content.

8. Use uppercase

letters All letter capitalization usually focuses the viewer's attention on a specific word.

9. Use T-Tok to analyze the backgroundstyle="font-size: 18px;"> T-Tok analysis Back-office can help sellers improve video performance and gain more views, interactions, and followers.

The analysis background can see:

• Content verticality.

• Number of historical followers.

• Video attractiveness.

• Likes, comments, shares, and clicks.

• Hashtag performance.

These metrics can show the marketing effect of sellers on T-Tok, so that sellers can follow up and improve in a timely manner.

For example, a sudden spike in followers and engagement data over a specific period of time indicates that the video content is engaging. Therefore, it is necessary to produce a series of similar content in a timely manner to ensure the vitality of the traffic.

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