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Short video intelligent customer acquisition system

three core values

  • Short video Marketing

  • Efficient Promotion

  • Low-cost customer acquisition

Intelligent creation of short videos (Automatic video editing)
Smart Video Clips
Generate videos in batches
Publish video regularly
Automatically distribute videos
Intelligent optimization of short videos(long-term drainage)
Account Matrix Creation
Video promotion exposure
Video search ranking
Video Performance Report
Diversified short videos to acquire customers(Private domain traffic conversion)
Intentional user consultation lead management
Short video comment interaction
Quick reply to short video comments
Short video traffic conversion
A key to translate

Six core strengths

T-TOK account service (Operation support)
T-TOK account registration
Assist in building T-TOK homepage
Support "Huichuhai" international official website building
Currently support promotion regions: the United States, Britain, Southeast Asia
Intelligent Creation of short video (Intelligent editing)
Short video smart clips are generated in batches
Short videos are automatically distributed at scheduled times
One-click translation of subtitles in foreign languages enables smooth dubbing
Overseas short video SEO (long-term drainage)
Short video account matrix
Short video marketing and promotion exposure
Short video search ranking drainage
Short video promotion effect report
Short video multiple customer acquisition (private domain conversion)
Huijuke online customer service system
Intelligent mailbox system
Intelligent CRM system
Short video comment threads are automatically synchronized
Automatic synchronization of private message clues
Competitor customer resource acquisition (resource capture)
Automatic interception of peer customer resources
Automatic screening of potential customers
Real-time notification of intended customer messages
Handy Tool for Video Creation (Treasure Box)
Video extraction: One-click extraction download platform video
Video copy extraction: One-click video copy extraction
BGM extraction: Extract all kinds of audio types independently
Photo repair: One click HD image optimization